• Many people wont believe this. Since Reagan left office our government leaders in Liberal Democratic Party and few from Republican Party have sold out to our enemies. How many remember George H.W.Bush and his deplorable speech on welcoming New World Order? Then we had Clinton lying murderous machine. Everyone that had something on Clintons dead bu suicide. Bill lied under oath and lost his license to practice law. Years before Hillary lost her job at D.C. law firm for lying. How about Bush Jr.. He took us to war to finish job his daddy could not do and we are still fighting because of him. Check out George H.W. Bush fathers role in WW2 it will surprise you. How about Obama term in office. He applied to college as foreign student to get free or reduced tuition that taxpayer funded. He closed all his files so it was hard to prove things against him. Sheriff Joe in Arizona proved he was illegal and congress did not want to upset certain group of citizens so nothing was done. 2015 USA closed it research of anti virus and then gave China 3.5 million dollars to do research in Wuhan China where this Virus started. George Soros and Bill Gates are tied to Wuhan China lab. Both of these monsters are evil people who wants to control population of world. This virus was deliberate to kill people across world and to destroy USA economy so citizens would become dependent on government. It has been goal of liberals to turn America over to United Nation to govern the United States Of America.Everything Liberals have done to Trump has backfired on them so next was to kill off people and destroy anything in their path. President Trump is biggest roadblock in their way to save us all from socialism. Anyone that wants to become a socialist after being confined to their homes or told what and where they could go should pack bags and leave. I believe we need to still wear mask and use common sense when in public. These liberals want mail in ballots. It is another way for them to cheat at elections. I saw people standing in line for groceries so believe they can stand in line to vote. Groceries will not benefit one if you are dead from liberals confining and starving you. Shortages are coming in all different food groups so prepare for taste of socialism folks. Just remember in November who was cause. I rather die free man than live under socialist regime. I have saw both sides and take freedom anyday under any condition. Keep America Great. God Bless Donald Trump

  • We members over the years have discussed that military folks and law enforcement would stand for the citizens and uphold the constitution and the citizens enshrined rights of the bill of rights. In the last few months we have witnessed tiny tyrants e.g. governors & mayors impose unconstitutional edicts upon their citizenry many of law enforcement have carried out the tyrants orders. A good portion of the citizenry follow like sheep to slaughter. This cop is showing bravery for he understands the freedom comes at a personal cost, freedom must be guarded and yes fought for over and over.

    Here in AZ many rallies against our Governors executive orders to lock us down. Some sheriffs standing up. Why does the citizen have to ask the gov to let Arizonans go to work?  Does this make sense? 

    My hat (Trump cap) is tipped to this cop.

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