• There is a go fund me page for this fired officer started by a friend of the family which had a stated goal of 50,000 at last glance several days ago it had exceeded 350,000 with an outpouring of heartfelt thanks to him for his commitment to the constitution ! God truly blesses those who have stood up for what is moral & right . Update it is now 434,000 ;

    Support Officer Anderson, organized by Jessica McLaughlin
    I’m setting this go fund me up for my best friend’s husband, Officer Greg Anderson. He… Jessica McLaughlin needs your support for Support Officer…
  • A Port of Seattle police officer was placed on paid administrative leave this week after a video he posted on social media ...
    Seattle police officer suspended after slamming ‘tyrannical’ lockdown orders in viral video
    A Port of Seattle police officer was placed on paid administrative leave this week after a video he posted on social media slamming the state’s “tyra…
  • Amen

  • Let's not forget that Ronaldus Maximus ( Ronald Reagan) was the first president to let the American people down by not following through on his promise to stop illegal immigration into the U.S.  Many don't remember that amnesty program, but it is true.  Now Ronald Reagan was a fine upstanding conservative President, but he was not immune to Leftist influences. Hence his failure to stop illegal immigration.  It should be understood, that the Left began infiltrating and influencing this Republic less than a week after the Constitution was ratified and signed by the founders, the true patriots, and I might add that once congressmen and senators found that they could vote themselves raises, pensions, and coddle special interests for great monetary perks, the "professional politician" was born.  Corruption and Socialism and Communism have one thing in common, they all lie!  

      This is why President Donald Trump is unique.  He likens himself to President Lincoln because of the way he's treated by the press and the Left.  I look at Donald Trump and see the likeness of George Washington.  Washington didn't want to be President, but he did because the new United States needed him.  Donald Trump didn't really want to be President either, but he saw the deteriorating Republic and the selling of the nation he loved, much like George Washington.  Washington didn't need the money, he was quite wealthy much like Donald Trump.  There was no White House for Washington, his home was more than sufficient for him and his family at Mt. Vernon Virginia.  Donald Trump was relegated to almost downsizing by moving into the White House.  

    Make no mistake, Socialism is on the rise in America, simply because the detrimental truth of Communism, Socialism and Fascism hasn't been taught in America's schools for 3 decades.  On top of the the truth about how America was a dream, and how America struggled, fought and bled to become One Nation Under God, has also been missing from all aspects of academia for the same three decades.  All due to the influence, patience and determination of evil corrupt Socialists, who now appear to have an upper hand.  Teach the children and they will learn, even if the things they learn are false, corrupt liess, to the students indoctrinated day in and day out, the Leftist lies become their truth, and when the student becomes the politician and national leader, well, to put it mildly, America is witnessing the result of ignoring 30 years of student indoctrination. 

    • I think we are heading down the road towards an East Germany -- Stasi everywhere one looks these days. I think we are witnessing old soviet type communism creep peppered with gifts from the PRC. 

      • 100% correct.  If anyone doubts that the Leftists in America are not pushing harder and harder to destroy all this Republic was made of, they had better take a closer look around.  The Left is benefitting greatly from this shut down.  The longer America stays huddled in masses, afraid to go out, to go to work, to earn money, the more free stuff the Left offers them to stay at home frightened and paranoid.  This my friends is the Leftist's Perfect Storm, the one they've used to manufacture fear and manipulate behavior.  3 decades of Socialist indoctrination, and suddenly we have a serious loss of warrior's in the country, they've been moulded into whimpering  snowflakes.  The Left loves the Snowflake mentality.  The constituents of the Left are so ignorant that they don't even realize they are victims of the Fascists they elected.  God Help U.S...

        • Jerome, Thank you for spot on truth.

          There are two classes now established on the left the masters of corporatocracy of the NWO, technocrats the culprits who beingforth the nuts and bolts that ensure the Stasi works, their essential worker bees who shore them up for success etc. All are arrogant and un American. The other class are the masses, non essentials the untouchables to the self proclaimed over lords. One other that belongs to the overlord class is the enemedia who provides essential  propaganda 24X7.

          The Republic hangs by a worn thread.

    • Jerome,  I disagree with the Reagan analogy.  I recall he did fold and approve them for citizenship at that time, but congress failed to uphold their promise.  Reagan complied wtih agreement but congress failed and has failed ever since.  I'mci more upset with the Republcin congressmen who have not stood up for the citizens and allowed the democrats have their way on illegals.

      We are still waiting for the majority of Obama's admin to be prosecuted.  Maybe Trump will get some of that done.  We can't count on any of congress doing it.

      • The Reagan Amnesty should not have passed Reagan's desk, it should have been vetoed, but it wasn't, and it was Ronald Reagan that promised the end of illegal immigration if there was amnesty approval this one time.  It was Ronald Reagan's baby, he asked for it.  I'm sorry but the "buck" stops at the oval office, and Ronald Reagan was sitting at the desk, on the desk was a VETO stamp, President Reagan should have used it.  My guess is he had too many illegals working on the Reagan Ranch. 

          You're right, we can't count on Congress to do anything for the people, the Republic or this President.  Congress, both sides of the aisle are much too busy padding their own wallets to be concerned with what the constituents think, after all, we the people pay them a paltry salary compared to what the can pocket from special interests.  This may well be one of the only places where a man/woman can be elected to the House of Representatives with $1,500.00 in their checking account, and come out after 2 years a millionaire.  Same goes for Senators, 6 years of doing very little, net many of them multi-millionaire status 6 figure checking accounts.  

  • Spot on sir. 

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