Work Place Violence



On November 5, 2009, at the Personnel processing Center, FORT HOOD, TX, Major Nidal Malik Hassan, US Army Medical Corps, acting as a, self-proclaimed, member of a foreign combat enemy of the US, murdered 13 and attempt to murder 32 fellow

 US Service Members.


"None dare call it Treason"


"Work place violence"?  Holly Batman  Andy!

The President of the United States of America is the most Senior Officer in our Military.  He   refused to have the case charged as Treason.   It did not appear to matter what the effect this would have on the victims.  No metals, no benefits, he could care less.  Can't upset the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), can we?  Mr. President, be sure to smile during those photo ops with the GI's.  General Court is now set to begin August 5. 2013.  13 counts of Murder and 32 Counts of Attempted Murder.

 This has been a classic FBI screw-up since they started investigating Maj.  Hassan, for his past Muslim Relationships.   It goes without saying that the FBI, has not neither shared information with the Army MI nor the CIA.  Afterwards it was found that the NSA had key tapes of phone conversations.  After the incident, the case direction was assumed by the DOJ.  If the case were written and charged as Treason, it would be upsetting to the Muslim Brotherhood and the "Muslim Nation”. The book that nobody wants anyone to read and may be long gone, is the US Army CID SA case folder and notes.  You can bet there is a copy.  The never wanted but always kept, “cover your butt file".

There is great concern about all the pay the good Major has received, since the time of the incident.  Think about it it for a moment.  He has not been convicted of anything.  I wonder what his past overseas bank transfers look like.   In the Federal Prison system the Brothers in the Nation of Islam eagerly await a "hero".  He will be with some real fanatics.  Hassan will fit right into the group.

You did not know that your tax dollars pay for the nationwide organized Nation of Islam movement?

PVT Manning, convicted of Espionage and could receive over 100 years.  "a new bride on the hoof". Best he be kept out of General Population.  Maybe he can do articles for WL from the inside?  Unlike Hassan, he will not be a super star.

Ali Ba Ba Husseine,  his Desert Queen Hillary  and Muslim Brotherhood friends roll on.


reh aka Black Sheep

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