Walk Tall, Professional Soldier, The American Foreign Legion

Walk Tall, Professional Soldier, The American Foreign Legion

** It was decreed that all shall be protected**

"Protect and Serve", is the motto of our Law Enforcement units.  That also includes our Military, the World Police.

When we were hired, there were all kinds of assurances made concerning our treatment during Active Duty and afterwards, as to medical treatment, retirement etc. No one ever thought to obtain a written contract.  It was do and act like you are ordered. You will get what you get, when you are told to do so.

There were ranks, which gave benefits or continued employment.  It was placed in regulation, with the force of law (UCMJ).  When we entered the Service we swore to do darn near anything we were told to do.  Not much was "Guaranteed", in return to us, only that Old Men could continue to send the Young Men to combat and not have the slightest idea what they were doing. The horse telling the Jack Ass how to do their job

 Ideology, Power and sometimes protect our "Interest" has been the reasons, since WWII, our Presidents have gotten us into "Undeclared Wars".  Our Congress has continued to "Pass the Buck" to the President and they have not missed the chance to use the power, on questionable ventures.  There will always be a need for a Military.  This is with the Ideology of the President   or his questioned ultimate goals.  Our only real voice is at the ballot box.  The 2014 Dem's “Fatigue’s" is Dem's OD Green "Che " T-Shirts.

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) view the Military, with disdain and as a required evil, to be funded as low as possible.  Rather like a mushroom.  Keep us in the dark and give us only "Crap". A "Love-Hate" relationship. We are in the Socialistic system to which they are devoted to establish for our Country.

  From before birth to after death, The Uncle Che Government, will take care of us.   At one time it was, "Sorry Son, you are too young to vote" Now it's, when we do vote, we do not Block Vote.

Our present Administration and the SDP, view the European Socialist model, as a goal.  The Army 2020 goal looks a lot like the classic French Foreign Legion. The foundation is a SOG Military, to support garrison operations.  The All-Volunteer Army (VOLAR), will not bring in the "Qualified Troops" required.  From where shall the Troops come?  If unemployment goes down, there is really going to be a problem.  You can only hire so many Civilian Special Contractors.  There are ways to reach the objective and save a ton of cash.

Jump in, the water is warm...

REH  Black Sheep

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