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Robert brings much experience to our Military Desk; his Editorials give life to past and present Progressive US Politics, corruption and its influence on our Military. Pressing questions, as to the treatment of our Military, since Vietnam are addressed in a provoking manner.  As Mr. Hutchinson states, " I have been  part of the best, the worst, and the regretted."  Robert Hutchinson is a victim of Parkinson's disease, with associated illnesses, believed to be incurred from approximately 2 1/2 years of exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. He knows first-hand, The horrid VA treatment of the DAV yesterday and today.

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The Military Desk

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Special Agent Robert Earl Hutchinson, USACIDC (Ret.) 

Series II


The reports of my "passing" have been a bit overstated.  It is true that at one time, while in the hospital, I felt I was losing grasp on everything.   Now I am in one heck of a mess. No smokes, no driving,   no booze, 24/7 Oxygen and total PO d at the world.  Puffing on an electronic fake cigarette, does not help.  I out lasted the VA.  Yes, after over 4 years of combat with the VA, the valued assistance of Sen.  Richard Burr, R NC and the blessings of the good Lord, my Vietnam connected 100% Disability, was granted by VA the day before I went to the ER. Agent Orange.  I wonder how many Guys don't out last the VA

It is written, "BS walks and Money talks”...

The Administration has proclaimed for all to hear that Retired Military Benefits will not be part of "O BUMMER CARE".  TRICARE FOR LIFE, which serves as a supplement to MEDICARE, will not suffer.  Further, there are no "Death Boards" in TRICARE.  Medication coverage will not change.

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It's called the US Constitution, Mr. President

The Department of Justice (DoJ) is not happy, with our new North Carolina "Voter ID" law. It would appear that, as usual, ideology, rather than common sense or history, are driving the debate. I am now a Conservative Independent, neither a Jack Ass nor a Dumbo. Thousands of my Brother's and Sister's, from the "Unpopular-Forgotten War", are on a one way trip, to help pay for your right to vote and you not have the legal requirement to risk your Butt, in the defense of our USA. "States- Rights", does not fit well within the Socialism part of your "Transformation".

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Walk Tall, Professional Soldier, The American Foreign Legion

** It was decreed that all shall be protected**

"Protect and Serve", is the motto of our Law Enforcement units.  That also includes our Military, the World Police.

When we were hired, there were all kinds of assurances made concerning our treatment during Active Duty and afterwards, as to medical treatment, retirement etc. No one ever thought to obtain a written contract.  It was do and act like you are ordered. You will get what you get, when you are told to do so.

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 R-RATED -  May Hurt Your Feeling


You may BS your friends and at times I may BS mine, let's stop the BS flow to each other.  Yes my GI Buddy, Mickey is now a "Street Pimp",  Mini is down "on the corner" and the "Red  Light" has been turned on over the back door of the Defense Department ( DoD).  The Military family are to be utilized, without even a kiss on the ear.  Be assured we are expendable, to the DoD  and our Commander in Chief (CiC).

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I am the last to "Out" a bunch of Dumb Jack Ass acting individuals, as I have been called a Dumb Asteroid, on many occasions.  If you keep screwing up doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting a completely different result, you could be just a  plain "Brain Washed" moron.  I know your family have always been Blue  Jack Ass Morons.

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Virginia Libertarians remember to send your Thank You notes to the DNC, who sent through their surrogate, all those large cash campaign donations.   Some would say, "Thirty pieces of silver".   Further, some might ask, how long has the Libertarian Party been receiving funds from the Social Democrats?  How many elections have been delivered?  



In the past it was not acceptable for the Military to express political views or tell the world how we were getting abused.  We were to accept what we were given, many times without regard, as to what we had been promised.  We continued to "Serve at the Pleasure” of politicians, without any written contractual agreements, concerning present or future benefits.  It is more than apparent, that we can no longer trust the Politicians.  Most neither respect nor understand our Military Profession. To these people we are a required evil, who do not “Block Vote".

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Robert E. Hutchinson, USACIDC Ret.
Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), is known to many, as the agreement that determines who will prosecute  GI criminal activity.  The Devil is in the details.

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"Dear Lord please forgive those who will not forgive"

 by Robert E. Hutchinson, USACIDC  Ret.

There are some folks that can only survive by following a regulation or a rule, without any exception.  They condemn forever those who, in the distant past, did not.  Their very souls have become slaves to to a system and image, cheap whores to the politicians.  To their last breath, this is their fate and as they age, they become worse.  For lack of a better descriptive term, we shall call them "Butt Heads" (BH).  An old military term.


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ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST - Traditional American Military

Traditional American Military

The vast majority of the American population neither learn from nor deem it necessary to learn from history.   Approximately half the Voting Population, have become dependent upon the Social Democratic Party (SDP),  as their primary care giver.  Over 47% of the income earners do not pay Federal income tax. The Pavlov Theory prevails.  The SDP rings the bell, through the Mass Media and the Devoted Dependent"  respond, without fail.  Thought modification produces population control. 

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