The Greatest Show on Earth



Bill and Hillary knew they were professional Progressive Left; therefore, it was off to politics they went.  Now she has her sights set for another trip ………To the White house.

Don’t believe Hillary and bill are not ”red neck hard core socialist”, big “Al” has always been their pal and Karl their leading light.

         Eight Ball in the corner…..  


For our Socialist-American friends, it is the “two headed” president, better than the “Bearded lady”.  The “peoples” HealthCare will be solidified, taxes & fees are maxed out for everyone.   Step on in, vote social –democratic, it’s the show that never ends.  Commander and vice commander, who will be which?   “Slick Willie”, proclaimed by the NAACP as our first “Black” President.  Was that due to his high moral bearing or his “hands on training” of the female interns? Hillary will be the first female president.  This will be better than R Rated TV.  Who will be the sacrifice to run against them?  Let’s work hard to find someone that will not “Split” wide open the Conservative wing of the Republican Party.  Maybe some off the wall 3rd party offering?  Will we also throw in the House and Senate? 

“Military family unites”

“we adapt, improvise and overcome”.  Starting with the coming mid-term elections, we vote block vote republican.  No “lip service” this time. The rest of the world is not going to do a thing for us, it is past time we did for own interest. Take no prisoners at the polls.  Make no mistake, the military, as we know it, is on the line. Will it be easy? No but the effective defense of our country, is worth the effort.

 The military corner

Active duty, vet’s, fellow dav’s, retired and military family.  Welcome home, this site is for you. Only one rule, active folks, do not use rank, unit or branch when on the open site.  Subsequent to your membership, my member’s only message center, will be made open for your private traffic, a base camp com center.

The coming mid-term election is our opportunity to unite and take it to our foes.  The first thing we must do is unite.  No more sitting on our collective “butts”. We want all of our military family registered and voting in the coming mid-term election.

Come on down to our corner and help make a difference in your life and our country.  Time to stop being “second class citizens”. 

You of all people know, “freedom is not free”.


"Black Sheep"


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