Socially acceptable Natural law.

Socially acceptable Natural law.

by Hugh Akston


Often when we talk about something being unnatural we really mean not social accepted, and often what is not socially accepted really is natural and what is socially acceptable is unnatural.

 Confused yet?

 Many people are and that is why we have this problem. Many people think that what they approve of is “Natural law”.


 There are three schools of natural law theory: historical natural law, secular natural law, and divine natural law.

 Historical natural law represents the system of principles that has evolved over time through the slow accretion of custom, tradition, and experience.

 Secular natural law represents the system of principles derived from the physical, biological, and behavioral laws of nature as perceived by the human intellect and elaborated through reason.

 Divine natural law represents the system of principles believed to have been revealed or inspired by God or some other supreme and supernatural being. These divine principles are typically reflected by authoritative religious writings such as Scripture.


Historical natural law is what most liberals use and think of; principles that have evolved over time through the slow accretion of custom, tradition, and experience. This is what gives them authority to pronounce what they want and show it as natural. Here we get into the principle of reeducation of the masses, change tradition and custom and you can change “Natural law”. Now abortion, homosexuality, gay marriages become “Natural”.

Secular natural law is what the humanists, communists, and dictators of all strips depend upon; laws of nature as perceived by the human intellect and elaborated through reason. Perception becomes the key here. Only what we perceive is natural and the “Age of Reason” takes over and becomes the controller of man. Science becomes paramount and the final abettor of society’s rules. Now we find that Global warming, animal rights, and an equality of division of resources to be “Natural laws”.

Divine natural law is what most conservatives use. Revealed or inspired by God; a superior power outside of man providing guidance and rules of acceptable behavior between men. Laws of Nature like the law of Gravity or the value of Pi. Constant rules of force that do not change do not depend on a man’s feelings or thoughts. Rules of Equality like Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. (or Colossians 3:11).  Or treatment of your neighbors like Matthew 22:39 And the second [is] like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. (or Mark 12:31).  How about fair treatment of your business partners, as in Luke 19:8 And Zacchaeus stood, and said unto the Lord; Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have taken any thing from any man by false accusation, I restore [him] fourfold.

These are rules that man is held accountable to by an outside force greater that he is. Once upon a time these were the historical natural laws of a segment of the world’s society and many viewed these rules as secular natural law also.

Natural laws that change with the tide and weather, or the thoughts of man are not natural laws. No rules made by man are “Natural laws” but mans desires. True natural laws never change, and there are consequences for violating them, that a true and just Judge will administer. Natural laws are set in the foundation of the world from the beginning.

Socially acceptable natural law should be Divine natural law.


God Bless.

 Just my thoughts for today.



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  • Natural laws of man,  as we discuss then within the constraints of our constitution,  are the same ones which the new Parliament of Great Britain began their new freedoms and liberties after the Glorious Rebellion.  Since 1688,  those laws have been the foundation of very legal mandate enacted.  Obviously,   our moral decay over the years has sent these accepted givens which were always in the equations before,  and slowly eroded the firm belief that they have to be the basis for our rulings and legislation.   We know that the cycle of social conservatism has begun to swing back towards sanity and real ethics.  It is my greatest desire to see the group which gave up the most in this area - the baby boomers,  be able to gain back our self esteem and respect of future generations before we meet our maker.  

    Now - if someone can explain to me why the clocks keep picking up their pace as I grow older.........  I feel like I am in an old black and white movie,  where the only montage they had was the flipping of the months on a calendar like a nickle porno flick in the circus - not that I ever sqandered a nickel on such a machine !.

  • Well done, Hugh.


    ...WE JUST have to begin teaching it in our schools... like it used to be.


  • This is so plainly worded by our Founders that I have always wondered how the progressives keep getting away with the outrageous stretches of their imagination for decades.   The term, " natural law " has been defined by our forefathers acrossthe pond well bnefore we were a country and their wlords - John Locke's words,  were the basis for the laws of our land.  Natural law is nothing more than everything,  much like catch 22 in the uniformed code of military justice,  which is not explicitly written,  but is so much within the confines of common sense reasoning in having a civilized society.  What is not explicitly written in our constitution is also not written in the Magna Charta.   Works of the Framers of our constitution and the Founders of our Nation wrote in their editorials,  diaries and letters about the rights of man granted him by the creator,  and above reproach by any political will.  Locke's " Two Treatises on Government ", says all that needs be said.   Locke's views on Christian Doctrine being inherent in all facets of our lives and laws,  reguardless if explicitly written in any formal governing document,  was the accepted standard of the people who argued and ratified our founding documents. 


    THIS is the reason why our situations in America and the European countries has deteriorated to the levels they have.   Leaders at the time of our founding would be furious when seeing these natural laws being completely discarded - even called " seperation of Church and state " reasoning  in our courts,  and exchanged for politically correct blasphemies.   In many cases legislatures have mandated  hardline progressive limitations on Judges to use their discretion in implementing natural law into the equation when making decisions in the law.   


    Short of a constitutional convention,  I do not know how we will be able to put this toothpaste back in the tube.  It appears we will have to write very explicitly this definition of common sense behavior to beget a civilized society into our constituion.  This will not take chapter and verse wording from the Christian Bibles.  Every major religion in the world has these same tenets of living in peace.  The 1st Amendment will remain sacred as written.


    What can we expect when common sense and decency is taken,  by fiat,  out of our everyday lives ?

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