Say it ain't so, Joe?



A young fellow looked upon a fallen hero, in disbelief.  His culture had lead him to believe "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, was a true hero.   Joe was found not guilty in court, but in the cruel court of Public Opinion, "Everybody" knew he was guilty as sin. Enough believed him to be guilty, to make it reality to the young fellow.   "Another man made angel ", had fallen.

It has been argued that FDR was the father 0f US 20th Century Advanced -Socialism, however, Professional Baseball, joined the Military as established Hero Knights at the FDR Round table. There would bear a son out of the wedlock, of the Constitution, the IRS.  It's nice when you are "King".


WWII was won, the last one we would win.  FDR placed   Eastern Germany and the rest of Eastern Germany into Communist slavery.  Later Western Germany was to become an economic power house. The same for Japan.  Over the years both Countries became financially beneficial to the USA.  Over the same time, a "Victim" class was being enhanced and solidified by the Democrat Party.  Another war comes and goes,  "The Victim Street Warrior" class grows.  The "Draft" gone, the young f0lks, of the streets, will progress through the system to obtain the majority of the Voting public and the White House.  The supporters are Cult Like, in their devotion.  The "Chosen One" is here and in the White House.


When a young Liberal says, "Say it ain’t so", he is told don't worry.  The young Liberal says, OK and continues his devoted service. Hillary and Bill are on their way for another term in the White House. The IRS is still part of the Royal Family. 

REH~Black Sheep

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