Remember Your Manners



Virginia Libertarians remember to send your Thank You notes to the DNC, who sent through their surrogate, all those large cash campaign donations.   Some would say, "Thirty pieces of silver".   Further, some might ask, how long has the Libertarian Party been receiving funds from the Social Democrats?  How many elections have been delivered?  


Nothing truly new under the Sun


Career Military, many of you have seen RIF's come and go.  Have you ever noticed that there is always something else grabbing the Media’s attention, when key changes in the Military are being made?

A smaller, faster and SOG force structure.  Why does the President not tell the nation what he has planned for the Military and just how he planes to get the "SOG qualified” troops?  The reaction forces are to support the small garrison forces. 

Let's review the record of the President sending SOG forces to the rescue.  His record really hurts!  He is the "most uninformed " President  to serve in that office and  somehow  the Muslim Brotherhood, seem to always  come out on top,  in the President's Middle East  endeavors.  Yes Sir, Israel kiss your butts goodbye.  Our Garrison in that area is to be in the northern part of India.

As jobs come back to the high unemployment areas, the enlistment rates will decline. Just think about, how many must come in, to find qualified people.  Besides being strong, these folks need smarts and high motivation.  Just looking for a job, is not always the highest motivation. 


Nobody wants to say the evil word Draft.


reh -black sheep

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