R Rated- May Hurt Your Feelings

                    R-RATED -  May Hurt Your Feelings 
                          SHALL WE START AT A COMMON BASE LINE? 
You may BS your friends and at times I may BS mine, let's stop the BS flow to each other.  Yes my GI Buddy, Mickey is now a "Street Pimp",  Mini is down "on the corner" and the "Red  Light" has been turned on over the back door of the Defense Department ( DoD).  The Military family are to be utilized, without even a kiss on the ear.  Be assured we are expendable, to the DoD  and our Commander in Chief (CiC). 
Socialism is the  Marxist  train, the  "Progressives" engineer between Constitutional Capitalism and Communism.  The concept of, "The enemy of my enemy , is my friend", until the the final world conquest battle.  That is when the Armies of Islam and those of Marxism, will divide and do battle,  to the death.  The two (2) primary public Fundamental Islamic Groups, operating as fronts in the USA are The Nation of Islam (NI) and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).  Both have ties to the Obama White House and that of  the coming Administration of Hillary & Bill  Clinton.
If you still have any doubts as to where we stand with our CiC, ask the families of our fallen troops. To refuse payment of death benefits, to help  him make a political point, discloses how devoted he is to his ideology.  The attempt to keep our WWII Vets away from their monument, shows he "Cares" about our Senior Heroes (read sarcasm)
The wheels are turning to reduce the compensation and benefits for our future Military Family.  
The Administration have won an important congressional convert in its push to cut military related benefits.  Rep. Rob Wittman, R-Va., Chairman of the House Armed Service  Committee's Readiness Panel,  related he is ready to "Consider" cutting the "generous"  military  compensation package.  To cover his political butt, Wittman said he would not reduce current benefits.  
Rep. Wittman's district in Virginia encompasses Marine Corps Base Quantico, Fort AP Hill Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren and Naval  Weapons Station Yorktown.  That would be approximately 16,000  resident  DoD Civilians and about 8,000 mostly non-resident/not locale voting military.  He is in an area with a heavy "Blue" vote.  He is not endorsing cuts that would effect the Military Government Contractors or DoD Civilians, which are a substantial voting block in his district.  These are the two elements that Rep. Wittman,  would propose to benefit from the military cuts.  Rep. Wittman knows the dirty little secret, the military does not Block Vote. All those who believe that after he gets re-elected, he will not "Do a job" on present members of the military family, take your head out and see the sun shine. I dislike the term RINO, however, this guy may just fit the bill.  Can you say  "Sell Out"?
                         NOW THAT I HAVE YOU IN A "GOOD" MOOD
It  is not a media secret how I feel about the VA.  On both commercial media and web, I have stated repeatedly that the  poor performance of the VA Claims Division, have turned our Vets into "TV Beggars".   When I see them, I curse the VA Claims processors.  Now the fraud is starting to come to the top. Remember the military saying, "Crap  floats".  The first one to bite the dust is the " Help Hospitalized Veterans", the leaders of this  charity,  were hit with 3.5 Million in fines and legal fees.
Sign  the VA Petition.  Get off your collective butts and vote.  Don't  sit at home or vote some 3rd Party Rebel Vote. See what that got folks last time.  Yes Sir buddy, they showed the rest of us, 4 more years of Obama.  Will you give us 8 years of Hillary & Bill?  I know I am one of those practical S**'s..... What can I say?  It has already started for 2014 & 2016.  Down home, a Red Neck is a person who is ignorant and proud of it.  Enough said, for now.
reh....Black Sheep Unit 35

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