Operation Survival

Operation SURVIVAL 

By Robert Hutchinson

There are not many times in the “Blood” combat, of Power Politics, that your unit can turn upon members and survive.  When the battle is over, you withdraw, regroup, “adapt, improvise and overcome”. You may not want to hear it, agree or not, examination of elements within our own ranks, disclosed, “A house divided cannot stand”.   

We shall gain back our position, to where we can reform, from within the Republican Party. The vast majority of the NRC is ready for a change.  To regain a position of power in the Party, we must deliver House and Senate Seats. It is time to rise up again.   Remember in power politics, it is not what have you done, it is what are you doing now.  It will truly be an uphill fight when you consider the NRC, right or wrong, view our past internal split, as a substantial part, of last year’s lost.  We did not deliver our Voters. We must now stand together, as a united force, in the war to save our Nation.  We must actively support “the most conservative Republican that can win”.  The key words being, “that can win”.   Let us go back to the basics, solidify and activate or core block voters.  We need to locate, educate and activate the Republican voter, both moderate and conservative.  The Constitution knows no “Color” or economic status.    We can enable, our non-organized voters, we have not previously worked. The Career status Military and their dependents, have traditionally voted Republican.  We must act now to retain that core of Conservative Voters. 


The Military need to know that we are “Their Party”.  We will give them more than Lip Service and Photograph Ops.  We believe in a strong Professional Constitutional Military and their traditional benefits. We are loud and Proud, to be The Tea Party Movement (TPM).  We are Professional and effective, in our methods.ust, be shown that we will not leave them to fend for themselves.  They did not give up their voter rights, “We will leave no one behind”  

 Our recruiting system must provide required troop levels, without utilization of State National Guard Units. The Guard should meet the needs of their States, not a crutch, to supplement Combat Force levels. The “Army of 2020”, will require different “concepts” of recruiting.  We will require large numbers of people, from which to choose. It would appear that the President & Co are determined to have Special Operation qualified units, throughout the world. 

It is far past time we cleaned house at the VA and sweep out the dead wood.  Some claims, concerning Agent Orange, are approaching 4 years. To the best of my memory, never have I ever seen, our wounded Vets begging on TV.  That is a national disgrace.  Claims for disabilities incurred on Active Duty, need to, be awarded, prior to completion of Rehab and discharge.  This would lower the VA Case load and reduce their budget. I know, under the present system, logic and the the VA, do not match.  

The Military are  treated, as second-class citizens, on many levels. Our Retired should not have to stay up at night worrying about their earned benefits.  None of our Military folks should have to worry as to whom their Commander, our President, is devoted, them or politics?  The Military votes need to be counted. Where do we start on this mission? 

Now is the time to have our House and Senate members, jump “Dead Square” on DoD, to send out , on or before scheduled dates, voting packets to the Military, overseas and Stateside.   Make sure you make yourself known, to your local Voting Officials, who receive and count the Military vote.  Make sure there is a system, with designated accountable personnel performing these functions. Until all the   voting is on line, we will have to fight the old system.  The Military must know they will always have a home in the TPM.  

At the local level, we need to educate the public to the fact that we are not their enemy.  We are their friends and neighbors.  The Main Stream Media (MSM), would define us to the public as unstable “Right Wing” fanatics. We must define ourselves. 

reh ~ "Black Sheep"

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