"NUKE Jocks" Freelance pharmacies

“ NUKE jockS”  Freelance  pharmacies

Special Agent Robert Earl Hutchinson, USACIDC (Ret.)


It was no Military Secret, that the “Nuke Jocks”, could place one of their truck portable rockets, on your hat from the other side of Europe. They had troopers that were as prominent in their criminal ventures.  The more  “ Diversified", the more INFAMOUS, the  unit had become, they were advertised as , “A First Strike  deterrent”  against the Communist.   Minority elements of Our “Rock Jocks”  and  another  “High Security”  unit , located  close by, the Army  Security  Agency, were becoming more attractive to the KGB and Black Panther Party.  The “Jocks “, were pointing  Nukes at their forces and  the Security  Agency were monitoring their most classified  codes.


You can take the young person out of a bad side of town but most times, a thug remains a thug.  Prior planning was not always their best asset. Two Nuke Jocks, made an appointment to meet two German drug dealers at the Canal, next to their unit, during shift break. The Rock Jocks plan was to rob the German Dope Dealers and run back on post.  The “Rock Jocks” brought their Switch - blades and the Germans brought their 9 mm Auto’s. One of the young hero’s ran over to the post screaming, they had been attack by Germans.

 The German Criminal Police search, disclosed our second “Rock Jock”, a few days later, in the deep cold, canal. Both the Americans and Germans wanted the body.  The German’s were not about to give him to us.  During the evening, Special Agent’s removed the victim,  from the German morgue.

The State Department, went nuts, as did the German news media, calling us names, we were sure they did not mean.  Subsequent, Criminal Police Investigation, disclosed that four (4) unidentified (not the correct number),  English speaking White males, dressed in Medical Whites, entered at approximately 0300 hours, the small German Morgue. The Subjects presented, the sleeping elderly night care- taker, a large English written document. The German night worker, was told the forms, were the orders for the body release.  While he was trying to get his boss  to answer the  phone, the Subjects, were taking the body. The remains were placed into an Army Medical vehicle. The body was on the way to our morgue. After the BS storm, had blown over, it appeared no one wanted to proceed.

The German’s decided they were not going to file on the German.  The JAG, wanted no parts of A Felony Murder charge and telling the world about our Nuke “Rock Jocks”.  The “Rock Jocks”, had learned their lesson.

Subsequent, to the death at the Canal, it appeared that the Thug elements carried concealed, when they departed their unit. The German’s, since the end of  WWII, have had extreme “Gun Laws” that prohibit most private citizens, from owning fire arms of any type.   As a result, only the German and American Criminals had guns. Some things never change.

President Nixon had his hands full reducing the Military and forming it into A Socialist PC model.  He wanted to control from “ A Step Away”. He wanted to have no troops where conflicts may develop. He wanted to be remembered as a “Peace Maker”.

Security Intel had established that North Africa was going to become the site of major Muslim military combat force operations and consolidation, it was just a matter of when.  President Nixon, assisted in the protected re-location of the ruling Monarch and the re-location of the Security Agency Troops. The majority of the Security Agency folk , were re-assigned to Germany. It appeared that by pure dumb luck, we had received all the Class A Thugs. It was as if, someone was placing all the “Top Secret” thugs in one basket.  The KGB and Black Panther Party were working hard to unite, the minority troops, from all the units in the area. It would not be long before they “took it to the streets”.

Life was good for the Muslim’s, with the assistance of the Russians, they had taken control of the Red Sea. The “Hearts and Minds Theory” had blown-up on us again.  Today, they control the entire area and we continue trying to buy a few friends.

The transitional military of the 1970’s, was the foundation, upon which, in many ways, the PC Progressive Military now operates. This can be seen, when a US Army Major, with known ties to the Muslim enemy Officers, kills 13 of his fellow Army troopers and he is not charged with 1st Degree Murder or Treason.  At court, the Accused retains his Muslim beard and makes the Military Court a circus. Our Cuban  POW camp is a Resort for wayward Muslim enemy troops. Only after “rehab”, we send our enemy back to his home land, where their previous jobs are waiting.

American Combat Force levels have been lowered to where they are not able to sustain one war.  This is quite evident by multiple back- to- back rotations and mass assignment abuses of State National Guard units, being the norm.

The President has started his five (5) year RIF, again at the human cost of his Military troops. It is rather like the RIF of the Nam Troops prior to the end of the war. 

 How will our President obtain the manpower to form the military, that  he alone, will form? When, not if, all Hell breaks wide open all over the Middle East, will  the US not even  be able,  to lead from the rear?  The  Middle East war will be a real widow maker. From where will the needed Troopers come? As I am sure many will agree, there just may be a mix of creative and activate past methods?    

President knows what he will do and he is not telling the Congress.  He feels does not need them.  

Over the coming Military Desk Editorials, we will feature  the Military – Industrial Complex, White & Black Racism and corruption alive and well in our Military. I call this part of the series,“ SA Red Neck”  goes to Washington.


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