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I am the last to "Out" a bunch of Dumb Jack Ass acting individuals, as I have been called a Dumb Asteroid, on many occasions.  If you keep screwing up doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting a completely different result, you could be just a  plain "Brain Washed" moron.  I know your family have always been Blue  Jack Ass Morons.

Yes my dear Military Friends and Blessed Souls who are reading  this,  in the Virginia Governor's race, the 3rd Party voters and  "No Show"  registered Republicans, will place a certified Progressive Socialist in the Governors office.  Not a PC thing to say but true.  Has the Libertarian Party become nothing more than "Enablers" for the Social Democratic Party?
Think about past Presidential Elections, the last two in particular.  This Virginia  Governors Election, is a beautiful example. A better question may be, how long will the Tea Party Movement continue to enable the Libertarian Party? Folks, put that  "RINO"  BS  in the latrine.  Republican Governors,  help produce a Republican House & Senate. The recently elected Republican,  is sure cleaning house here in North Carolina.  The Democrats and their puppets, the media, are going nuts.


Check the new fine print in the "UP OR OUT POLICY".  The Social Democratic Party and their "Butt Buddies" the Libertarians, are not your friends.  Don't let the photo ops fool you.

 Remember to start your Registration process, so you can "Block Vote" for the Party that have always taken care of you in the past.  Those "Jack Ass" are going to flush a lot of good people and years of service down the sewer, that is where they think the Military Family belong.  You know the deal, place your money in a AWOL  Bag and send it to the Government. 

My Active Duty friends, locate and make contact with your  Voting Assistance Officer.  Tell him you want to register.   Your unit does not have a Voting Assistance Office?  Ask your Senator and /or House  of Representative person , What is going on with your Voting Rights?
"Black Sheep"

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