It's called the US Constitution, Mr. President

It's called the US Constitution, Mr. President

Br Robert Hutchinson

The Department of Justice (DoJ) is not happy, with our new North Carolina "Voter ID" law. It would appear that, as usual, ideology, rather than common sense or history, are driving the debate. I am now a Conservative Independent, neither a Jack Ass nor a Dumbo. Thousands of my Brother's and Sister's, from the "Unpopular-Forgotten War", are on a one way trip, to help pay for your right to vote and you not have the legal requirement to risk your Butt, in the defense of our USA. "States- Rights", does not fit well within the Socialism part of your "Transformation".

Just a splash of history, please

A little NC State History, for our Non-Native Readers. The election of Republican Pat McCrory, as Governor and a Republican Legislature, is the first time since "The War of Northern Aggression", the Social-Dem's have not controlled this State, to include all those "Political Payment Jobs". At the Polls, it was, alive or dead, vote early and often. These folks also controlled incoming Military Absentee Votes. Career Military have in the past gone majority to the Republicans, for numerous reasons. North Carolina is a major active military duty state. In the last three (3) NC General Elections, less than

3% of the absentee military votes were counted. Want to see a trend? Check the "Blue States” , military absentee votes counted, for the same period of time. I know this is not as important as having to show an ID to vote.

The new law eliminates "Drive By Voter Fraud". No more same day Register and vote. 10 days is more than enough "Early Voter". There is a strange relationship between registered voters and folks listed as dead, on locale tax rolls. DOJ did not seem to have interest.

Military friends, locate and identify those who receives your absentee ballots. Let's get all our folks registered. Time for us to stand up and vote to protect our interest, now and the future.

Strong Voter ID Laws, do not work well with the President's "Open Boarder's Policy ".

 REH   Black Sheep

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