It is written, "BS walks and Money talks”...


The reports of my "passing" have been a bit overstated.  It is true that at one time, while in the hospital, I felt I was losing grasp on everything.   Now I am in one heck of a mess. No smokes, no driving,   no booze, 24/7 Oxygen and total PO d at the world.  Puffing on an electronic fake cigarette, does not help.  I out lasted the VA.  Yes, after over 4 years of combat with the VA, the valued assistance of Sen.  Richard Burr, R NC and the blessings of the good Lord, my Vietnam connected 100% Disability, was granted by VA the day before I went to the ER. Agent Orange.  I wonder how many Guys don't out last the VA

 ~Robert Hutchinson

It is written, "BS walks and Money talks”...

The Administration has proclaimed for all to hear that Retired Military Benefits will not be part of "O BUMMER CARE".  TRICARE FOR LIFE, which serves as a supplement to MEDICARE, will not suffer.  Further, there are no "Death Boards" in TRICARE.  Medication coverage will not change.

The way we are and will be screwed is through the MEDICARE coverage. The number of Med Centers declining MEDICARE continues to grow and are stating they will  also  decline MEDICARE's ugly brother "O BUMMER CARE".  We are being governed through MEDICARE.  Check out your Drug cost under TRICARE. Through MEDICARE, the determination is made as to who receives what treatment and Medical Equipment. Our Retired Military Medical benefits are floating away.  Would this be the Democrats, who proclaim their love for us, who are reducing our benefits?   Take it to the bank.

We retired Military best learn the meaning of a new term, "Block Vote".  Every Retired Military Family should be registered and vote, in one strong voice,   for people who can win in General Elections. Our future medical care is at stake.  Those benefits, that no one wants to put to contract form, keep sliding away.

The public wants an all-volunteer military, as "Cheap" as possible. Young person come risk your life, for those who will not and "Trust" those who will hold you as a "Needed Evil", to determine your future benefits.  

REH "Black Sheep"

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