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Thank you for electing to join The Constitutional Conservatives aka 912 Communique! 

If you agree that the institutions that made this country great are being systematically dismantled by the corrupt power brokers in Washington DC and elsewhere, then you must agree that the solution lies in the hands of We The People. Clearly then, We The People must organize as one loud and determined voice.

So you’ve signed up and signed on to the website - Now what?

If you have a computer, an internet connection, and just minutes a week to volunteer, there are two ways you can contribute to the success of this site:

                                THINGS YOU CAN DO TO GET STARTED:

1) Most importantly, please Invite anyone- family members, friends, neighbors, etc., you feel may be interested in participating in this cause.
2) Set up your MyPage. This is an important but sometimes overlooked step. Other participants may request direct contact with you through your MyPage, and if you are a frequent blogger, your MyPage will be the hub of your blogs. Numerous helpful applications are available for installation, including those for Twitter, videos, etc.


3) Forum. Participate by adding your comments or posting your own original commentary
4) Blog. Thanks to Twitter, your thoughts and opinions can be broadcast across the world at the speed of light.
5) Make new friends or reach old ones on Vent. (Thanks to Glen Becks elves!)

Please familiarize yourself with the convenient Share Bar located at the bottom of the website-it is very easy to share all pages on the website with your favorite social networking sites- Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

How to Post Content- Guide to Text Editors

How to Control Website Emails


Please Familiarize yourself with the Rules and Reg.s  below

As per Ning guidelines Please remember the following- We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone!

Suspending a Member from your Ning Network

If at any time you decide a member of your Ning Network might not be the right fit, you can suspend them. Suspending a member will give you the option to remove all of their posted content including photos, videos, forum posts, blogs, comments, events and any other content they've added to your Ning Network. It also prevents them from joining your network again with that account.

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FAQs = Frequently Asked Questions


BLOCKED FROM SITE – by moderators.  Moderators may in fact block you from the site if you did not follow the rules and they were concerned about the welfare of the site.  However, there is generally a warning or at least a statement that the moderators will send you if this is in fact what happened.

BLOCKED FROM SITE – ACCIDENTAL -  This has happened, and in fact even happened to me.  And yes I did question the other moderators and they say no, must be my computer.  And it was.  If this happens to you and you know it is not a moderator issue, first try a different browser.  Blocking is often by a browser only.  There are different browsers – Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox are just three of the ones out.  If another browser gets in then it is only a browser issue – and most likely a recent cookie – a bad one.  If this is just the browser, go to the browser and see if you can delete recent cookies and browsing and downloads – but ensure it includes the time up to when you were last able to get to the site.  Example – google chrome has a wrench in the upper right for settings.  If you click that wrench then one option it is gives is to delete cookies and history.  If you select that, you go to a new page that asks you what period of time to delete items during and what items to delete before it does anything.  That might help.  It did solve my personal issue.  Other browsers may have similar delete options.  If not, try your computers control panel and then look for internet options and see if there is anything that lets you eliminate  recent cookies and history.

BLOCKED FROM SITE – MORE SERIOUS – Remember that it still could be a cookie and that browser or other instructions were not clear.  So you might want to look into the above again.  But recall that viruses and ad junk abounds and any of that on your computer may block you.  You can often download something like “spy bot” or similar ad ware or spy ware software for free and try and see if that solves your issue.



After signing in you can add comments to our Forum, Blogs, or Vent as you wish.  The sign in for vent is slightly different and in addition to the sign in for Forum and Blogs.   But please remember to follow our rules for respect for all here and also fairness to politicians and others we all may write about.

If you have any questions please contact proud owner/admin Suzie

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