“FRENCH - EUROPEAN -SOCIALISM”

By  Special Agent  Robert  Earl  Hutchinson,  USACIDC (Ret.) 

The vast majority of the American public must believe there will be no more wars after the last war.  This must apply to all wars.  After the wars, we reduced our military, to a shell.  The public are ignorant sheep lead by the Progressive Media and Politicians.    The military, are an unwanted expense, they want reduced to the lowest amount possible.  That includes Military Personnel, present, past and future.  “Duty, Honor, Country” has over the years become, “Not ME or MY KIDS”.


France has proceeded much further down the Socialistic road than the US.  We are working hard to catch them.  In 1830, the French people had decided, their men were neither, going to a foreign war again nor require them to serve in the military. The Army was a political function. The Military, was utilized,  to conduct, political patronage, politics, foreign diplomatic service and what we call “Pork” spending, not combat.

 The French Government, were known, for their international Secret Security Service (Spies), comprised of Government civilians and Civilian Contractors.  The Foreign Service knew, the French, were going to be required to fight, for their prize possession, Algeria, without an Army Combat Force.  The answer came approximately a year later.

On 10 March 1831, French King, Louis Philippe, Commissioned, The French Foreign Legion.  The King knew he had a Win-Win.  Remove the disruptive elements from society and put them to work fighting his overseas wars. The King knew he needed more men.  Another winning idea came to the King. He wouldoffer enlistments to jail and prison inmates able to serve.  He still did not have enough men.  A profound action by the King followed, open enlistment to the able men of the world, no questions asked. Leadership would be by trained French Regular Army Officers and NCO’s. The Foreign Legion, remains today, a place for men who want a new life, by enlistment in a, “Foreign Special Operations Army”.   Few make it through the world class Legion’s, “Basic Combat Training”.    Today's Legion, is one of the World’s best, Special Operations warfare Organizations. They have served with our Troops on classified missions, Middle East and Africa.

 Why did we stroll through French History?   US President B. Hussein Obama, has our Country on the Fast Track, to European Socialism.   Hussein intends to have a relative small Military, with only “Pin-Point” reactionary forces.  This is referred to in the Military, as the “Army of 2020” and quietly as the “Army of 2016”, by the Intel community. It appears that a major goal is the elimination of proactive forces and weapons (To include Nuke Rockets).  The latest idea is to decide the few you wish to keep, move them into the jobs you wish to keep and supplement them with Temporary help (one enlistment and out crew). It has been said, throughout the Senior Officer Corps, those who do not support the Administration’s plan, know where the door is located.  General Officers, have always been Professional Politicians. Generals appointed, by the Senate, serve at the pleasure, of the President. The better their Political ability, the more stars they have.  

Maybe the ones with retirement, in the near future, may testify at Senate hearings.  Will we make it until 2016 before all Hell breaks loose in the Middle East and in Africa?  Will we stand with Israel?  You can bet Iran will be a front, at the same time.  Remember, we are not able to field enough Regular Army Combat Troops, without National Guard supplement, on one front.   The present number of Combat MOS’s and the ten Direct Combat Support MOS’s,  are  being reduced and/or eliminated. It is rather odd, that we find our Country in a similar fate as the French, war in North Africa with a lack of Troops. The Military hierarchy love to make plans for everything. They make plans to make plans.  Unstable conditions,  are always assumed, when developing the plans.  

They rule out any number added from, “The one enlistment and a civilian job plan”.  There is not a lot of faith in the 3 or 4 years, civilian job training program.  Much less time is involved when the young person attends Community College job programs. Why risk your butt for years of  job training. 

Nobody is going to activate the Draft.  It would be a political death wish. You think the anti-war riots were bad?  You have not seen anything until the “Daddy’s Basement Dwellers”, get Draft Notices. Have you checked the long-term unemployment, non-student, rates for the 18 to 25 year old crowd?

People are not standing in line to join the Combat Arms.  Your entry pay, which includes, the Food Stamps program, is not a job benefit, to most people.  Declining  retirement benefits, will hinder prospects looking for a military career.   

It now appears to veteran Intel Officers, that we will  have, at a minimum, three Combat areas of engagement, Iran, Israel and North Africa. Will we stay at home (no way) and watch Israel go up in flames or find some people, who will fight?   One of the numerous plans is the Foreign Legion concept.  After your initial reaction, think about what the concept would do. We have more people in prisons, than any Western country. After, complete screening, we can fill all the required   Combat slots.  RA Troops would have all the Officer and NCO positions.  RA enlisted would receive the Tech jobs, admin etc.  For 183 years, the Foreign Legion has done quite well. The French believe in, pay and go.  They pay and others go. Rather like the USA. Do you have other ideas?  No “Rants” please, just answers.  May I remind you of our, “Hired Help” during the Revolution?  


In my humble opinion, we should consolidate all Military functions.  Eliminate duplication of effort and cost.  I will use as an example. The CID organizations,  the Air Force OSI, Naval Dept NCIS and Army CID. We need only one CID for all the Services.  The military duplicate hundreds of   jobs.  When you consolidate all the jobs, you save Billions.

Foreign Military Sales & Svc., the largest merchants of death in the world,  profit’s would run into the Billions, were sales made with our choice of customer payments, COD, USD or equal assets (Gold, Oil etc.).  The IRS will chase you forever, to recover a dime but our Administration permits other countries to walk with Billions. It is past time our Government collected our foreign debts. The US has to stop believing we can bribe or buy friends.  It is time to treat the world, as they treat us.

           ******* ANOTHER US GOVERNMENT “ CASH  COW”  ***********

The Federal Prison Industries, when properly managed, would make hundreds of millions in profits.   It keeps prisoners gainfully employed, at 25 Cent per hour top wage.  These prisons produce world- class goods and services to an international customer base.  GS Civilians supervise operations, normally less than fully qualified for the positions they hold.   The factories, subject of past inquiries, concerning “Pork” procurement centers, contracting operations, costs of goods produced and civilian payroll has disclosed these “Cash Cows”, to be questionable on many levels.  The factories now declare no profits and are protected by the BOP, another highly “political protected” Federal operation.  Without problem, the Federal prison factories could be military owned, supervised, and consolidated with the military property procurement and disposal system. The projected profits would be in the hundreds of millions.    

What say yea?  From where shall the troops and money come?

REH "Black Sheep"




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