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Traditional American Military


The vast majority of the American population neither learn from nor deem it necessary to learn from history.   Approximately half the Voting Population, have become dependent upon the Social Democratic Party (SDP),  as their primary care giver.  Over 47% of the income earners do not pay Federal income tax. The Pavlov Theory prevails.  The SDP rings the bell, through the Mass Media and the Devoted Dependent"  respond, without fail.  Thought modification produces population control. 


 The SDP ideology dictates a Professional Military must be sworn to "The Party" ideology, not to defend the Constitution.  Smaller, faster, human drones are considered to be a more powerful Military.  A small, well paid, leadership core with an iron grip on the lower ranks. The Military will be based upon SOG Reactionary groups,  co-located with State Department elements, in support of small garrison units.  Does this mean that the State Department will still determine who gets their Butts saved from the fire?  CIA Para-Military, best bring your own "Special Security Contractors".  Can you say Blackwater?  Hillary sure can.


It is no State Secret that the SDP and fellow "Progressives", since the late 1960's, have worked diligently to transform the DoD Career upper management Group, to become devoted Socialist.  Next in line are the Officers and NCO's.  The idea being the lower ranks will follow.  The goal being to serve for the glory of Socialism, not pay or benefits.  You say the American public would not stand for this "Transformation"?  Since the termination of the Draft, the vast majority of the American public have very little, if any, personal identification or knowledge of internal Military operations.  They just want a low cost way to keep "the Draft away from the door".   All they see or hear is just part of the program.  Have I mentioned, Bibi bend over and kiss your Butt good-bye?


Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno testified to the House Armed Services Committee if the Army is to "Re balance readiness and modernize" to be effective,  the RIF  and recruitment, should leave no less than 420,000 Active Duty personnel.  The General and his Administration friends must not be talking to the DoD.  The number will end up being 70,000 to 100,000 less than the stated required amount.  I guess the General had a "Senior Moment" and forgot to tell the Congress persons, the rest of the story.  The good General is counting on having at least 315,000 State National Guard and 185,000 Army Reserve, at the Administrations disposal.  That should make the Guard and Reserve folks feel nice and secure.  There is something about this Administration and factual numbers that do not go together. They just have problems with the truth, period.


Let us hope that the Active Duty BH,s  & Friends, will be consumed by the RIF.  BH unite, form a circle and judge each other at will.



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  • February 24, 2014 ....  Today  the Sect of Defense and his fellow "White House Whores", delivered the next step in the "Total Transition"  of our  Military.  Those who have taken the time  to read the Military Desk and/or Corner,  you already knew todays news, before it went on the networks.

    Now start reading from the reverse , to the front and learn the rest of the story.


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