Demons are Forever



Neither Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians nor self-described Independents, can claim to be free as a party, from the Demons.......

Addiction to The Political/Military/Government - Industrial  Complex.





This series shall not be a mini-course in Life Cycle Management, R&D through Disposal.  This is an effort to enlighten you, the Tax Payer, how your hard earned dollars "Lubricate" the Players in the system.  The US Government is one of the Largest Corporate Complex Operations, in the world.  With Billions of dollars flowing, why is it acceptable, that "our Corp" , is not producing major revenue for the US Treasury?   With our debts at a level beyond feasible repayment, why do we forgive the debits of our sword enemies?  By design or lousy management, we have assisted in their survival.  Never forcing repayment in any form.  It is rather like "buying friends".  How has that worked for us? 


As a country we say to the world, We know most of you Hate US we have this driving desire to be loved.   If we give you  most of what you want, kiss your butt, pay you large sums of loose cash and Military needs, none of which you have to repay, will ya, could  ya, be our friend?  The Demons multiply and all must eat.  Our leaders have made us dependent upon the demon.  When will our leaders tell the rest of the World, "it is time to pay up in US Dollars or assets and we will pay nothing more from us until our debts are collected."   It is time for the world to pay to be our friend. We might be able to live quite well within our income.


Let us use the demon for own good, not destruction:


*   Fully utilize our natural resources

*   Use out SOG Troops to seal our national borders.

*    Amend our financial laws, to bring our industry back to te US.


*    Bring the Draft back- 3 years -   18 to 25 years old.  No "Daddy Buy Outs" and if you want to leave the Country, don't let the door hit you.    Illegals, unemployed, un- certified students and the Judge directed, go to jail or go to the  Army (we got some darn good troops in that program), select Federal & State prisoners,  would constitute the draft selection pool.  Serving to obtain your citizenship is one heck of a motivation. Volunteers would receive any job they wanted, where there was an opening and they were qualified. 


* Other actions as deemed needed, such as terminate the narco and nuke activities in the Middle East, so that Israel would be the only one with nukes.


This can happen with the correct people in the House, Senate and White House. ************************** ****************




Part of our Corp does not depend on your Tax Dollars.  These would be the Military Retail Sales (NAF Activities) operations, Military Club Systems, Community Recreation Centers, PX/BX , Liquor Stores etc.  Over the years these facilities have been subject to organized and individual criminal activity, however, in most locations have maintained profitability.  This has been limited by politicians, reducing cost advantages to the Military.  The goal is to "Protect" local merchants (Voters & Donors). 


Military Family Brothers and Sisters, you know the program.   Place your money into a duffel bag and send it into the "Locals".  YOU, stay on Base.  You know the Base locations, to which I am speaking and yes I know there are a few exceptions.   They all know, as a rule, you don't vote.  What is even worse, you don't "Block Vote" , therefore,  the Democrat’s continue to "sock it to you ", without even a kiss.


These activities are managed by a relative few Military Personnel and a majority  of Civilian Government Employees, with  the workers from the local area.  DoD Regulations make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for Military Dependents to obtain full-time jobs in these facilities and GS positions on Base.  With base closings and soon to be relocated, profits follow Troop populations.  There a very few less addictive "Pork", than a Stateside Military Base.  "We support our Troops ....... Their local revenue contributions".


The Open Mess System (EM, NCO, Officer and Open Ranks), has over the course of history, been the most lucrative.  Personnel who manage these activities are well trained and indoctrinated prior to entering the system.  


Upon locating the class room on campus, I found it to be an older stand alone, single level building in a  wooded area.  I checked the address again to make sure I was at the correct location.  I entered as a Govt.  employee along with my fellow students.  Neither the instructors nor my fellow students had been advised I was a CID Special Agent. To our surprise, we found a fully equipped commercial style bar, running down the left side of the large class room.  The course had our full attention.  The course of study covered all aspects of operation and control required to manage a facility.  The course was required to get your job.  Careers were on the line. 


Concentrated knowledge came from the daily, after class, "Open Bar" Happy Hour and  Corporate  "special" guest instructors.


A large number of the Students had been working in Club systems, for quite some time and were there so they could be promoted to Management positions.  During the happy hours the other  Students, after a few drinks,  were  the source  of valuable  information, not in the text books.  I had no idea you could do so many innovative Sales Register transactions.  There was not much these Folks did not know about "Skimming" from a club.  No amounts were ever stated, however, it was apparent the Guys had done well.  I never had the need to be formerly introduced, however, my associates were waiting to meet them and discuss their previously related exploits. 




This has been just the scent of the demon.  Next week we will pull off   the "Mask".


reh - bring in the fire on my grid.

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