"Dear Lord please forgive those who will not forgive"

"Dear Lord please forgive those who will not forgive"


Robert E. Hutchinson, USACIDC  Ret.


There are some folks that can only survive by following a regulation or a rule, without any exception.  They condemn forever those who, in the distant past, did not.  Their very souls have become slaves to to a system and image, cheap whores to the politicians.  To their last breath, this is their fate and as they age, they become worse.  For lack of a better descriptive term, we shall call them "Butt Heads" (BH).  An old military term.


The Criminal Invest. & Intel.  Worlds are comprised of Mustangs, who are shakers & movers; the BH Group, who despise the Mustangs and those who were "Admin", who continue to judge the Mustang.  To the BH, the Mustang is a disgrace and no "Falls from Grace", will ever be forgiven.  After many years, to publish the facts about past operational failures and an old screw-up , I have become the optimal "Fallen Angel".  The BH's saw their chance and took the shot.  It will be my turn, very soon.


"42,000 Soldiers will get the ax in the next two years"


Yes sir buddy, President Obama orders, there shall be a "Peace Time Army" and don't you forget it "Quick Draw".  Nothing is more destructive to unit corrosion than Peace Time Army BH’s on the loose.  Here comes BH's on patrol.  "Courtesy Patrols" target appearance and conduct of Military personnel, their spouses, their kids, on and off post.  There will be no slack given for the multiple combat tour troops.  Imagine just returning from your third combat tour, you and your family are off post having a good time.  Here comes the BH's with their CP arm bands.  They tell you, your wife and kids to shape up.  This crap is now taking place. 


Under the heading, "Nothing is too good for our E-1 to E-5 troops", stateside KP and busy-work guard duty is back.  Look sharp and don't get dishpan hands.  "Pots and Pans" are a killer at 4 am.  Going to save the Army some money?  Don't forget the photos for the recruiting posters.  You can’t make-up this stuff. 


For you Active Duty E-6 and O-3 personnel, who had plans for a Military career, do not delay, check the latest "Elimination Up-or-Out Policy".  You folks in the system know exactly what I am talking about.  Do not say it cannot happen to you.  It could be one EER or OER away.  No more job security.


You Active Duty Guys and Gals, who work in the Basic Combat Units, a little Seasonal Cheer for you.  In FY 2015 10 BCT's  are scheduled for inactivation.  Who will train the Troops?  The National Guard !   Six (6) State National Guard  Basic Combat Training Brigades  "Nationalized" in FY 2014.  That would be FYI,  Texas, Hawaii, Indiana, California, Pennsylvania and Minnesota.  DoD  forecast for FY 2015, six (6) more  State National Guard  BDE and Five (5) more each in FY  in  2016 and 2017.  Where you going to go when the RIF comes for you?


When are the Career Military, Veterans, DAV's, Military Retired and the Military Family going to register and block vote?  You have to 2016 with Comrade Obama.  You have 8 more socialist years with Sister Hillary after that. 


Did I hear, Foreign Legion?

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