Code of Conduct

Please familiarize yourself with these simple guidelines

(updated 7/10/13)

* 1.Refrain from (excessive) profanity. Keep in mind that this is a family oriented website. What would you want your family to see attributed to you? 

 * 2. Be respectful of other members. Healthy debate is encouraged and embraced, while name calling or degradation of another member is not acceptable. There is no need to resort to embarrassing anyone over a comment. 

 * 3. The report button is available for a purpose. Do not abuse the “report button”- this is for reporting offensive posts (after three different people report a post- it will be removed.)

 * 4. Disagreeing with a post IS NOT grounds for reporting the post.

 * 5. Please be respectful of other member’s rights to freedom of religious choice. Not all will share your interpretation of religious scripture. We encourage All Patriots to participate regardless of religious preference. 

 * 6. Please be concise in your comments. Long commentary is frowned upon. If you have an abundance of information to display - be courteous and post a summary in the original thread header, then place the rest of your information in a reply to that thread. This keeps the page flowing and available to all members. Please do not be a page hog!

  * 7. Refrain from using ALL CAPS when commenting. This is looked upon as yelling or shouting - do not yell at other members! Only use caps to highlight certain text if necessary to make your point.

 * 8. Repetitive posting is not acceptable. This is regarded as spam and the post will be removed.

  * 9. Do your best to verify the information you post. At this time the Internet is abound with Conspiracy Theory and Propaganda. It is our duty to verify what we post, if something you post is proven to be false information, please delete the inaccurate information immediately. 

 * 10. Please look over the comments before you post, this will help keep duplication down to a minimum. 

 * 11. Troll activity is not permitted or accepted on this website at any time. Having a difference of opinion is NOT Troll activity. 

 * 12. Comply with our Moderators decisions. Moderators and Admin reserve the right to remove links/posts without prior notice. Moderators are volunteers and are participating here because they want to help keep vent thriving.

  * 13. NO spamming allowing! This includes repeated posting of links and or actively recruiting members to another membership website. 

 * 14. Until further notice the posting of any 9/11 truther CT in vent is highly DISCOURAGED and may be removed at the discretion of the moderator.

  The consequences for infractions of the above stated rules are as follows: A. First offense --Verbal email warning. B. Second offense --24 hour suspension of posting rights. C. Third offense -- Permanent banning from this website