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The military family

Special Agent  Robert  Earl  Hutchinson,  USACIDC (Ret.) 


For our Brothers and Sisters, who do not know our Military family members, may I do the introductions?  Pardon me, if I may be blunt.

We are the Active Duty Troopers, who risk our “Butts”, for YOU, as you collectively have refused to be personally “Called”.  We are The Veterans and DAV’s, whom have answered the “call” or volunteered.  In the case of the Viet Nam Vets, No “Welcome Home”, No “Simple Thank you”, but we continue to receive your disdain, on many levels.

We are the Military Retired, who served over 20 years and in some cases more than 30 years. We are the State National Guard and Reserve Units, who departed to supplement the, not even bare bone, minimum Combat Force levels. Last, but should be first on our list, The family at home.

Those families, whose conditions are so bad, that the Service Member volunteers for repeated Combat tours, to obtain that extra Combat Pay. The Lady of the house, using all the abilities God can give her, to keep her house a home.  The wife, who had to tell her children, Daddy is in heaven now, then has to carry on attempting to keep her home together.  I know there are those, like me, who with the Chaplain, walked up to that door. I think of those sad visits on Memorial Day.  We are your fellow Americans.  Society has systematically broken TRUST with us, since the conception of the All-Volunteer Military and VOLAR (All-Volunteer Army).

We refuse to be a “Necessary Evil” or “Second Class Citizens”.  We have over the years, had our Absentee Votes stolen or “Misplaced”.  Our children abused, on many levels, in local Civilian schools. We have had substandard family living conditions for Members and their families.  The internal systems to release Military Members prior to retirement, is a way out of paying retirements.

The VA is another horrid mess.  Does it make America proud, to see disabled combat Veterans and their families, on TV begging for assistance? Where are the Military Hospital Rehab and the VA Rehab Centers?  Remember when facilities at Walter Reed Medical Center, had to be condemned. The hospital facilities were renovated after being featured in the media.  The Army says the Medical   Center must phase- out.  Why could it not be a long- term Military manned, massive rehab center?  I know it is less expensive to have them beg on TV. Now, it would appear, the Military, throw our folks into the VA system as fast as possible. This is a national disgrace.

My Dear Military Family Members, it is time to STOP being doormats for the Socialist Progressive Politicians and their devoted followers.  It is time to unite with Veteran Conservatives who believe in you and the Constitution WE have sworn to defend.  Together we can bring back leaders who will take the “Social PC” out of the Military and let us be the most effective Military in the world, not political pawns.

I hope the old incidents will jar old memories and show the transformation of our Military from the concluding years of the Viet Nam war until present. Make the The Editorial Section, The Military Desk, The Constitutional Conservatives, the place you send your Military related concerns.  We have an international network to serve you.  Active Duty go to my Message center at The Military Desk, to express military and/or VA related concerns.

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The 2014 General Elections are NOT far off.  If you are not registered to Vote, do it today and get your friends to do the same. You have to get the process started as soon as possible.   Go on the Net and learn which of your State and Federal Representatives are up for re-election.  Drop them an email and just ask for the record of their Military related votes. They will get the message. It is time the Military Family, to only vote for those who will help them.  Check their voting records.

Stand up, hook up, check your bud’s gear, and stand at the door.  Together we can make the 2014 Election “ LZ”  , on our feet running and win as many House and Senate Seats possible.  That is the next big step in regaining our just status in our society.

REH, Black Sheep





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  • It certianly is a disgrace that our Vet's and their families ever have to do without anything.  They put everything they have on the line for us!!  We could never repay them for all they have done.  However, I remember just after Obama was elected, he madd the statement that the military should pay for their gear and medical, after all they volunteered, no one asked them to join the military. That is all you can expect from a wimp a$$ with a forged Selective Service Card.   It is long past time we stand up for our military and only vote for those that support our "Finest".  God bless you all and thank you for the your great service. 

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