2014 Goals


* Assist  Active Duty, Retired ,Veteran's and their families,  becoming  Registered  and subsequent  Voting.

 * Advocate "Block Voting" for the Candidates that will represent the Military Family, past, present and Future


by SA Robert E, Hutchinson,  USACIDC Ret.


In the past it was not acceptable for the Military to express political views or tell the world how we were getting abused.  We were to accept what we were given, many times without regard, as to what we had been promised.  We continued to "Serve at the Pleasure” of politicians, without any written contractual agreements, concerning present or future benefits.  It is more than apparent, that we can no longer trust the Politicians.  Most neither respect nor understand our Military Profession. To these people we are a required evil, who do not “Block Vote".

Somebody tell the President, WE ARE NOT A PEACETIME MILITARY and The Muslim Brotherhood are NOT our friends.  As our Active Duty Brothers and Sisters will tell you, the payroll is being cut by eliminating experienced Career personnel.  We are at dangerous Combat Force Levels and the Democrats want to cut it further. Lord bless the State National Guard.


 The Presidents answer to these problems, Eight SOG Reactionary Military Groups, answering emergency calls from small Garrison Units.  Where are the Troops for these units?  We don't even want to think about what the Democrats have in store for us. It is past time for us to get off our collective butts, now and in the future.  There is a topic the President refuses to address truthfully, The Draft.  Floating around the back offices at the DoD is not, if the Draft will come back but when and from which population groups will individuals be inducted. Groups being surfaced are the unemployed, non full-time student, under age 25. Thinking has begun concerning the draft as an alternative, for selected individuals, to their Federal imprisonment. I am sure many of you can remember the program where the Judge gave the individual a choice, Jail or the Army.


Contact every member of the Military Family possible  and do all that you can, to make sure they are registered to vote.  In your local organizations, make this a major group project.  That includes the TPP, Freedomworks ,etc.


Please share this call to action, on all web sites you have access.

REH, "Black Sheep"                               

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  • Obama knows that the Muslim Brotherhood are not the friends of the U.S..  He simply doesn't give a rats rump, because they are, at least for the time being his friends.  Never make the mistake of thinking Obama is somehow unaware of his actions, he knows exactly what he is doing.  Actually Denis we are not all God's children.  Many are called, few are chosen, keep that in mind. 

  • you can name call muslims all you want...that will not solve any issues...  Muslims hate Christians because of history....Convince them that the past is what it is and can never be reversed...WE ARE ALL GODS CHILDEN...NOBODY SPECIAL.   Their hatred of jews must be fully understood...Jews were a nation of five to seven million yet they managed to influence world history by a much larger measure....they are overachievers---but they have a way of drawing enemies...pogroms etc...every generation or two there is a pogrom...Why is That???

    Muslims have very llittle going for them except numbers...Big deal about a dirty nuke from Iran...Where are the famous US defense missles...Just media hype....who knows???Israel did not sign any NPL treaty...Why was that...Where is their credibility....Just hardline rhetoric...I would not call the present admin Barbaric.... dingats without a clue yes for sure... Keep calling our local rep...db

  • The unfortunate truth is that thousands of military votes were not even counted because these traitorous bastards knew that the military generally votes conservative.  It is unthinkable what they have done to us.  Semper Fi

  • If we don't start turning things around, and very soon, we are going to be toast. These barbaric animals in this administration have got to be stopped, some how. He promised that he would transform America, and so far, that's the only truth that has fallen from his otherwise lying lips. This whole administration is absolutely psycho. Dear Lord forgive them, for they know not what they do.

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