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  • Thank you. We need to think about asking these state-based sieges to ask for the states to pass a resolution condemning Obamacare and requesting a repeal.


    I think that would be a cool project for state-based groups. What do you think?

  • “I hold before you my hand with each finger standing erect and alone, and as long as they are held thus, not one of the tasks that the hand may preform can be accomplished. I cannot lift. I cannot grasp. I cannot hold. I cannot even make an intelligible sign until my fingers organize and work together. In this we should also learn a lesson.”
    --George Washington
  • No luck here. I don,t know what's happening.
  • I think we all agree that to really change the direction of our country, limit spending and limit government, we need to unite the majority vote. We have set up an organization to do that very thing. All patriots should join with us to achieve that end. We do not suggest that you quit other groups or stop other actions ...just that you enlist your vote with ours.
    We have a new group site but it is private for the time being. To join you must be invited. You may request an invitation as follows: go to the site You will enter on the homepage. Look to the top and select the "contact us" tab and send an email to Paul Lewis following the directions in the comment box. In the subject line please put "INVITE" so that your mail is not deleted as spam. Your invitation must be sent to you from the new site and will come to you as quickly as we can respond. The site you are going to tells who we are and outlines what we are doing. If you have the time you might wish to read it over. Once you are a member of the new site you may invite your friends from the site. Help us take our country back!
  • I am so sorry, I didn't know you had a son that passed. I have a hard time paying attention, but not for the reason you do. I give you so much credit for being invovled at all. God bless you. You have a lot of courage; I admire your strenght and your great sense of humor. If you ever need a friend, just to really talk, I'm here, OK.
    I mean that with all my heart.
  • Health Care Death Panels already set up with Stimulus bill. (Oh, you didn’t know that? What else don’t we know?

    Is it not curious that the USPTSF is responsible for setting the standards of Health care in this country and all of a sudden many of the previous standards have magically been revised to raise the age for breast cancer screenings. From 40 to 50 and eliminate for 75 and above. Good way to get rid of those pesky 40 to 50 & elderly off the Obama Care plan. Oh what’s that you say? these people are appointed? No!! Death Panels? No!!

    Funny how this countries been able to reduce the instance of breast cancer since we started early detection but now we don’t need to do it anymore! Must be some miracle cure for breast cancer I have not heard about.

    Don’t worry about it though you moms and sisters will be ok cause Obama care is about to be rammed through and he is looking out for all of us right?? Give the women in your family an early Thanksgiving present call your representatives and urge them to vote no on today’s vote for cloture. PS. They are also changing screenings for prostate cancer in men.

    Impact of the USPSTF
    USPSTF recommendations have formed the basis of the clinical standards for many professional societies, health organizations, and medical quality review groups. Previous editions of the Guide to Clinical Preventive Services have been used widely in undergraduate and post-graduate medical and nursing education as a key reference for teaching preventive care.
    The work of the USPSTF has helped establish the importance of including prevention in primary health care, ensuring insurance coverage for effective preventive services, and holding providers and health care systems accountable for delivering effective care.
    USPSTF recommendations highlight the opportunities for improving delivery of effective services and have helped others in narrowing gaps in the provision of preventive care in different populations.

    I hope we can count on more of our younger generation like the guy below. Pray for America! And call to vote no today!

    Comment by Lorri Adams-Cotton 1 hour ago
    It should be of no small comfort that youngsters are getting involved in the fight. Check out this blog written by a 17 year old and responded to by several other teens. I just thought we all needed a lot of encouragement right now. See below

    Thursday, November 19, 2009
    Obama is not the change we need,,
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    Category: Life
    Seriously people? Are you that blind? WE THE PEOPLE need to start standing up for our freaking country. Do you people even know what’s going on? We need to stand up
    and speak together. Who knows what’s in store for the future if we don't do anything. So what do you guys think about this new health care plan? Personally I think it’s a
    bunch of bulls**t. It's a revolution, alright, but in the wrong direction. How do you guys feel about the five freedoms we'd lose in the health care reform?

    -Freedom to choose what in your plan.
    -Freedom to be rewarded for healthy living, or pay your real cost.
    -Freedom to choose high deductible coverage.
    -Freedom to keep your existing plan.
    -Freedom to choose your doctors.

    Hmm.... yeah doesn't sound too phenomenal now does it. So let’s talk about ACORN, you guys know anything about this group? Ha, so how about these guys were actually caught on tape allegedly advising on prostitution.
    Yeah you got that right, ADVISING prostitution and giving advice on setting up a prostitution ring and evading the IRS. Are these really the people that the president
    should have anything to do with? Yes we need major change, but Obama is NOT the person to lead us there. It's not too late! We can do something about it. It's just going to
    take all of us together.

    So to sum everything up, the future of the united states lies in OUR hands. We have to make a stand. We HAVE to speak up. We have to quit not doing anything at
    all! We can be in control we just have to stand up together and fight for what we believe in. So how about helping me change the world?
  • How about endthefed2?
  • I thought we were supposed to be stalking someone.........................................let's try to creep someone out. That's mean but, we need to have some fun with all this insanity.
  • your town's name and your vent comments
  • for me
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