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  • thank you

  • Pleased to meet you, Ron.
  • Hi Ron, thanks for adding me as a friend. Now remember, I'm a little more middle leaning than many here but fear for my country and my freedoms. I have read many of your posts and think you are someone I am glad to have on this side of things. Very intelligent and well thought out.
    Take Care, Deb
  • I'm proud to be considered a friend.............
  • Thanks for the invite Ron. God Bless!
  • Thanks.f
  • Thanks for the invite, Ron!
  • Thanks for the invitation Ron. It is always good to have new contributors to the debates. Hopefully, one of us will stumble onto the answer we are all looking for. Like my teacher always told me, there can be no wrong answers in a debate, only the ones not spoken can harm it.
  • Great to see you here Ron. I really enjoy your posts :)
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