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  • Time to re-activate this group! Elections are on!

  • Looks like California is leading the way in Socialism! How is your State doing?

  • Lets revive this group! 

  • Also everyone should check the member map to see if there are connections. The best place I know to look for Connections is on FreedomWorks- Connector! They are pretty huge!

  • The only member I know for certain is Washington is wacveteran. She said she sort of feels alone too! She has the icon of the little dogs...

  • paladin....check out if your area has a NRA Members Council...patriots aplenty most likely :)

  • Since I live in the Santa Cruz Sea of Liberalism, Tea Party groups are few and far between. There is a group, Constitutional Tea Party Patriots of Santa Cruz County (CTPPSCC) with Tea Party Patriots, that holds monthly meetings at the local Scotts Valley Starbuck's which I attend, and am hopeful we will be ramping things up soon.

    Suzie is right, 2012 is right around the corner, and hope we keep up our momentum. If we lose this election, our country, as we know it, is gone. God only knows if we will ever get her back.

  • I am so happy to see the recent growth in the Regional Groups.
    As everyone knows we will be moving this website and I do not know how long we will have this exact application- so please take advantage of communicating with those in your region!! Just click on them and write .say HI!!.. Time to Buddy up!! Build your Network!
  • Seattle City councilwoman Sally J. Clark is attempting to pass a local law banning the city to conduct business with companies in Arizona until Arizona repeals it's new immigration law. I sent Sally a fax asking her to focus on issues in Seattle and let Arizona residents determine what is best for Arizona. Sally no more knows what is best for Arizona then a Councilman from Phoenix knows whats best for Washington. Sally is going to make her attempt at national government from the city council level on Monday 5-10-10, I encourage you to fax her telling her to stick with the issues that need her attention in Seattle, and there are MANY!!! Sally's fax number is 206-684-8587..........
  • Lynn Woolsey.....worthless to the cause of freedom and the constitution. Runs with traitors and arrogantly elevates her opinions above the voice of The People

    JIM JUDD...running to fill her seat in Congress with Constitutional Patriotism and Common Sense...something Woolsey has no concept of.
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