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  • I would love to see an Alabama group started!
    • Richard C Weide, Your wish... I do not know why it did not show up- I changed the search to "Name" which I think meant alphabetical order... Go For It!!! if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask...
      We believe the Constitution of the United States is the very foundation of our Freedom and we Believe in American Values and Traditions.
  • Michelle Bachmann is sending out the call again for Tea Party patriots to meet in DC on Demcember 3rd, 2014 at 12 noon. Although it is a work day for most I still hope those who can attend will go. I'm afraid being alone and not being very mobile limits my own activities but I intend going to my SC State Capital to have my voice seen and heard.

    Lindsey Graham won the Primary with the support of the Left and went on to win his Senate Seat. The turnout was low in both the Primaries and Midterms but still we do have Gowdy and Scott to keep the balance and try to hold Graham in check. However, Graham is a shoe-in vote for the Leftist appointees. I sometimes wonder if that isn't the deal Graham makes to retain his Seat.

    Graham also supported the Dream Act of 2006 and the "Re-hashed Dream Act" so I don't see why Graham won't be soft on Obama's "Executative Order" for the "Amnesty Forgiveness Program" for 5 million illegals who feel they are entitled to the same benefits that American citizens are entitled to receive. Already the La Raza advocates are telling us they want all 12 million illegals to be included in the "Amnesty Forgiveness Program" because they are hard working people and deserve to be included.

    My goodness, they are sounding like the race baitersof Ferguson MO, Brown was just a nice 6' gentle giant who was Black and was killed by a White bad policeman. Just because Brown was a criminal walking down the middle of the road and decided to assault the policeman in his car doesn't seem to apply to his death. Even Holder and his entrage along with his 40 hand-picked FBI agents couldn't find enough evidence to convict the policman. Still, Brown is being portrayed as the gentle giant who was intentionally shot by the bad White man because of racism.

    It also would appear that people sneeking into our Country and having babies, working without legal papers, receiving free medical care, housing, schooling and legal advice also makes them innocent of any wrong-doing and eligible to stay here permantly. After all, they are having anchor-babies by the millions and deserve our sympathy.

    Now Obama decides to enact unlawful acts against the citizens of America and forgive illegals for all past grievences against the American people. Obama, tells us what he wants, La Raza tell us what they want, NAACP telling us what they want, The Gay Rights Movement telling us what they want. All they seem to do in take, take and continue to take. When is the American citizen going to say enough is enough, no more.

    If all Americans do not stand up now they will continue to lose their right to speak. I hope this rally on December 3rd at noon will only be the beginning. I would hope by Spring that every Tea Party patriot would be holding rallies every day of every week across this land to make our Representatives hear and see our displeasure at their elitism in making policies that we disagree on.

    We will yet see if we truly a "Nation of Cowards".





  • Greenville County, SC Primary run-off on 6/24/2014.
  •   The most powerful politician in South Carolina thinks he is above the law!
    He is trying to get a secret hearing to protect himself from prosecution on several charges of public corruption!
    He wants a secret hearing to have Attorney General Alan Wilson dismissed as prosecutor of his case in favor of someone else who presumably will be more likely to go easy on Harrell.
    And without your immediate action, he just might get that secret hearing!
    The hearing that might become closed to public scrutiny is scheduled for Friday (that’s tomorrow) 10:30 A.M. at 1701 Main Street Room 2-B in Columbia.  That’s room 2-B of the Richland County courthouse in Columbia.
    According to South Carolina’s constitution, our courts must be open to the public.
    The only judicial proceedings that are secret are Grand Jury investigations and some cases involving minors.
    There are no other legal secret hearings!
    There is a good reason for that!
    You and I know that open courts are necessary in order to have fair and impartial courts.  The proceedings and rulings must stand up to public scrutiny!
    Secret courts and hearings are the thing of dictators and tyrants!
    Harrell behaves like a tyrant, but we can’t let him have a secret hearing.
    We know things done in secret are subject to corruption and the influence of the powerful elite.  That’s especially true when extremely powerful politicians are involved.
     And there is none more powerful in South Carolina than Speaker Bobby Harrell.
     In fact, it is widely recognized that he has tremendous power and influence over the courts in South Carolina by virtue of his appointments to the Judicial Merit Selection Commission (JSMC) and his control of the South Carolina House of Representatives.
    The JMSC is a ten member board that disqualifies anyone from even running to be a judge who they feel is not qualified to be a judge.
    Bobby Harrell appoints half of that board.  And despite very clear laws against nepotism in South Carolina, one of Harrell’s appointments is his brother.
    The General Assembly elects judges after they have been cleared by the JSMC.
    Harrell’s huge influence over that election was demonstrated just last month when members if the House reported that he was virtually extorting and blackmailing members to vote for his preferred candidate for Chief Justice.
    Now Harrell wants a secret hearing, before a judge that knows Harrell virtually controls his job!
    The hearing is scheduled for Friday (that’s tomorrow) 10:30 A.M. at 1701 Main Street Room 2-B in Columbia.
    Whatever the outcome of the case, it must be held in public view.
    If there is a reason that Attorney General Alan Wilson should be replaced as prosecutor in Harrell’s public corruption case, then the public has a right to know why!
    Certainly, if Wilson is tainted in some way, the public needs to know.
    On the other hand, if this is just a last ditch futile effort by Harrell to save his skin, the public has a right to know that as well.
    This hearing must remain open to the public and free of corruption!
    So be sure to join me Friday (that’s tomorrow) 10:30 A.M. at 1701 Main Street Room 2-B in Columbia.
     For Liberty,
    Talbert Black, Jr.
    Palmetto Liberty

  •  A message from Larry D. McParland to all members of Patriots for America - North Carolina on Constitutional Emergency!

    Well North Carolina Patriots, it seems that we are gaining momentum. I'm going to break the state into three groups. Western Region, Piedmont Region, and Eastern Region. It will be easier for me to have State meetings to get this thing going.

    We still have some open billets in the State leadership and need some patriots to step up.

    State CO ----------------------- Larry D. McParland
    a. State XO -------------------- Open
    b. Public Relations ---------- The Third Lantern
    c. State Supply --------------- David Gagin
    d. State Intel ------------------ Liz aka Yellowbird
    e. State Transport ----------- Open
    f. State Communications – Open
    g. State Recruiting ---------- Open
    h. State Security ------------- Open

    Visit Patriots for America - North Carolina at:

  • South Carolina: Governor Nikki Haley Signs into Law Concealed Carry Reform Bill

    Today, Governor Nikki Haley (R) signed into law an important concealed carry reform, Senate Bill 308, during a public ceremony at the General Assembly.  This important pro-gun legislation makes several improvements to the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP), including removing the prohibition on CWP holders carrying a concealed handgun into an establishment licensed to serve alcohol, extending the duration or length of term of the CWP, improving training standards, improving the application and renewal process and expanding where a CWP holder may transport a firearm in his or her motor vehicle.

    Governor Haley spoke at length during today’s signing ceremony about the importance of removing the restriction on CWP holders carrying for personal protection in restaurants where alcohol is served.  She also clarified much of the misinformation anti-gun extremists and the media had been claiming regarding this critical personal protection reform.


    Lawmakers (Finally) Debating Common Core

    It may be too late, but at last the legislature is addressing the issue that's embroiling parents, teachers, and school administrators around the state: Common Core. By the legislature's standards, this Senate subcommittee meeting was a crowded and vocal one. Read our analysts's report on it here. Meanwhile, the Education Oversight Committee, one of two state entities charged with approving standards and assessments, hasn't done anything yet, even though schools in all 46 counties are busy implementing the new standards. We explain that situation here.

    For our analysis of Common Core going back to July, click here.

  • SC Primary for Senate coming 06/10/2014. Bob McClain will be doing profiles on those vying for Senator for SC trying to unseat Senator Lindsey Graham.  Over the next months McClain has said he would like to set aside Fridays to review those who have thrown their hats into the political arena.

    So far we have Richard Cash, Lee Bright, Nancy Mace and Lt. Col. Bill Connor There is one more possible entry but not enough to list at present.

    I have done my own research on the net and listened to each on videos and have written short pieces on each on my page at At this point I have no preferance as I thought I would but, there are five months to go. Maybe that's good as over the coming months these candidates will have to convince voters who to vote for as our next Senator.

    Lee Bright was leading in the polls but the latest has Republican voting for Graham at 50%. I often get confused whether I want to say Graham or McCain, I wonder why. I hope the people will not get so caught up in this Primary that they will forget to attend their local meedtings for schools, judicial, law enforcement, city and county councils. For those in the Greenville and Spartanburg area you can follow your local politics on Word Radio 106.3FM.

    I am not a professional and my opinions and impression are my own personel thoughts. I hope I do not persuade or dis-persuade anyone from voting for a candidate of their choice. I'm a hard task master and will question what I hear and see on each candidate.  

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