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  • Greenville SC Primary June 10th, 2014. Go to for bios on Candidates. Click on Vote 2014 for infomation. For districts, voting places and open Offices in 2014 Elections go to Information for Greenville County go to

    Greenville County District 4 voting is held at Robert E. Cushion School on Fork Shoals Rd close to Ashmore Bridge Rd and across from Terrain Dr next to Bonnie Brae Golf Coarse. As the Dems are fond of saying, "Get There Early and Vote Often." You can view candidates videos on for updated information straight from the horses mouth. You can also listen to on the Candidates.

    It just takes a little time to make the effort to get out and vote. Remember, not to vote is to give your vote to the opposition. Hell is paved with many roads of good intentions, Heaven only has one.

  • I haven't gotten any emails. I clicked on Group for SC and I don't get anything either.

  • Suzi, I have gotten any emails for the past couple of months.

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