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  • Hi Members,

    Let's revive this group! What is going on in your area?
    I look forward to your updates.

    Thanks, Suzie

  • Thrilled to hear there are so many Dems. switching over.....Thanks, for the info, and the work you are doing....
  • Suzie, I'm still here!!! Really involved with local candidates and life. As much as I consider myself a 912er, the only thing that caught on here is the Tea Party. So, I am the contact person in my city for both the Tea Party and Republican Party. The principles of the local TP are almost identical to that of 912ers. We have democrats switching parties by the hundreds!!!! If you need me, I'm ya
  • 8/27 ANNOUNCEMENT Glenn just announced : He's rented the Kennedy Center for 8'/27 will have nationally known, Choir ,
    Religious Leaders, and sermons that changed the course of America. Small supply of tickets will be available on 8/27 (Glenn's paying for this tickets are free) More info go to
  • I'll be going with my two sisters (and bus loads from Cental MA). My sisters went last year and said that it was awesome (I had to go to a wedding). I got a new flip cam recorder for the event and plus my regular camera.
    Last year there was 1.7 million people who attended with no arrests and no litter! It should be interesting beause there will be opposition there this year.
    Stay away from anyone holding those obama as a joker signs or nazi signs. They're are LaRouche crowd-THEY ARE NOT TEA PARTIERS! Hope to see you there
  • Thanks Ruth....we'll be thinking of you. I am really anxious to see how many actually come. I missed the really big one on 9/12 last yr. We were supposed to go to that one, but shortly before we found out my brother had cancer, so we cancelled..............
  • To all of you going to DC: God Bless You. I wish I could go bet my health precludes that. Remember your cameras and cell phones. anyone trying to cause trouble take their picture. Turn them in to the cops. Don't let troublemakers smear our cause.
  • I would just search facebook with NY Tea Party, NY 9/12 and New York Tea Party...quite a few pop up. Also check out, smart girl politics and Americans For Prosperity NY
  • What is the link for the facebook group?
  • Guiliana, you are in luck...there are masses of buses from NY headed to DC on 8/28. The NY tea partiers, 9/12ers are chartering from all over the state. Its a great opportunity to meet new liberty minded folks in your neck of the woods. Facebook would be your best bet.
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