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  • There has been cancellations of mtgs by orgs & clubs due to the Wuhan Virus pandemic war. I miss are gatherings but know this too will pass.

    Folks are being creative in ways to gather in a virtual way using Zoom. 

    Those in this group let's get active once again.

  • Hi Members,

    Let's revive this group! What is going on in your area?
    I look forward to your updates.

    Thanks, Suzie

  • the West will be our victory point, for in the west the politics are much saltier.Arizona is where many of my family are but also here in idaho and Utah.

    I want you all to know about what  my passions are. my sites that i have helped build or manage. Im freelance and i believe in mans destiny. i have children whom i taught to be their own persons. I raise my own garden in  hot house im teaching myself about herbs and wild plants used for food ,liberty villages , survival and succesful ways to show others how to make a living from panning gold, mining,  construction to just storing food getting ready for the hard times. growing a garden, making jerky ,dried food ETC

    Chemicals in foods ,water and in the air from Chem trailing.  I like Alex jones 

    I hope that the mountin west can be the fulcrum in the needs of information for this nation as in idaho we are blessed with very astute minds. 

    I had a grandfather who taught me much but allowed me to understand the meaning of freedom. his very words were "Freedom and justice are but words, force of action through will are their precipitators"

  • Gary, I live in East Texas. Let me know of a meeting place and I'll be there.
  • Hey, Ya'll! I actually live in Louisiana but only about 30 miles from the Texas line. There are no other members near me in La (the others live in SoLa), looking to network with others in East Texas. I've been active in the local Tea Party as well as on my own with letters and editorial comments, haven't been to CQ in awhile. I know most of the folk here but there are a few new names. Looking forward to getting to know ya'll.
  • Global Citizen
    Since schools and liberals want to teach children to become "global citizens", the words have been fermenting in my mind. A "global citizen" has no allegience to any one country. A child needs a sense of belonging, to parents; a family; a hometown; a country. It inspires loyalty and pride. Consider this... an orphan has a sense of loss, of something missing. Once lost parents are found the sense of loss is erased. Will all the children be filled with a sense of loss once they become "global citizens"? I remember filling with pride when we said the pledge of allegience in grade school. I belonged. Who will America's children belong to in the future? No one.
  • Hello everyone -- I'll soon be residing in AZ. from NV -- wanted to support that state even if it meant moving there to do it.
  • Greetings from southwest Nebraska. Everything is a bit depressing and overwhelming at times. It would be nice to connect more with others of similar concerns.
  • Hello from Texas, I live in Livingston, about 50 miles north of Houston. I am looking forward to our discussions.
  • Hey Suzie, Just a thought. Shouldn't we wait until after the move to have the contest? Might retain more members if they don't have to move right after signing on. I know that sort of thing would have discouraged me when I was new and searching. Just a thought. : )
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