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A little history:

Population per the 2012 census- 5,884,563

Maryland was admitted as the 7th state on April 28th, 1788.

Her motto is the Italian motto of the Calvert family - "Fatti maschil, Parole femine" (loosely translated as "Manly deeds, Womanly words").

Known as the Old Line State’. According to some historians, General George Washington bestowed the name "Old Line State" and thereby associated Maryland with its regular line troops, the Maryland Line, who served courageously in many Revolutionary War battles.

"Good God! What brave fellows I must this day lose."-George Washington, On seeing the Maryland 400 in action-

Maryland is also known as the ‘Free State’. The name "Free State" was given in 1919, when Congress passed a law prohibiting the sale and use of alcohol. Marylanders opposed prohibition because they believed it violated their state's rights. The "Free State" nickname also represents Maryland's long tradition of political freedom and religious tolerance.

In the 2012 Presidential election Maryland went ‘Blue’ despite many of its counties being ‘Red’. Let’s work together to help the state become more conservative.


Some settlement facts:

March 25, 1634 – Twenty-six years after Capt John Smith’s Chesapeake Bay expeditions, 140 British settlers arrive at St. Clement’s Island and soon establish Maryland’s first colony, St. Mary’s City.

August 1708 – England’s Queen Anne grants Annapolis its City Charter.

George Calvert, the 1st Baron of Baltimore, has been accredited as the first to seek religious freedom.

From Volume 1, The Great Republic by the Master Historians published in 1900

“Maryland has the honor of being the first country to establish the principle of religious toleration to people of all faiths. George Calvert "was the first," says Bancroft, "in the history of the Christian world, to seek for religious security and peace by the practice of justice and not by the exercise of power; to plan the establishment of popular institutions with the enjoyment of liberty of conscience; to advance the career of civilization by recognizing the rightful equality of all Christian sects." The religious toleration which already existed by charter was further established by a law of the Maryland Assembly, of April 2, 1649."

Revolutionary Period:

May 23, 1774 – Chestertown residents react to news of the Boston Tea Party by staging a similar protest, dumping a shipment of tea into the Chester River.

After a decade of bitter argument and internal division Maryland declared her independence as a free state from Great Britain in 1776, along with the other thirteen colonies. Four Marylander's - Samuel Chase, William Paca, Thomas Stone and Charles Carroll signed the Declaration of Independence on her behalf.

January 14, 1784 – The Continental Congress meets at the Maryland State House in Annapolis to ratify the Treaty of Paris, officially recognizing the United States as an independent and sovereign nation.

A good online source of Maryland in the Revolutionary War was prepared by The Society of Cincinnati.

Maryland ratified the Bill of Rights on December 19, 1789.


During the Civil War, Maryland was not only a border state with split loyalties, but also a battleground.

Marylander's were divided on the Civil War. Lincoln had called for 15,500, Maryland provided 9,000, Many of Maryland’s Union sons chose instead to defend Maryland soil from any Southern invasion and not themselves invade the South. Many Civil War battles were fought on Maryland’s soil.

All Maryland Members

Good Morning to all Maryland members! I would like to ask each of you to post information of the current running candidates in your county, with a picture if possible.  The information will be used for all TCC members and visitor's to review before the 2014 Mid Term Elections. These Mid Term Elections will have a tremendous impact on Maryland's state, local and national governing body, which, as you know will greatly affect our lives. To my knowledge, there is no website or local information…

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Maryland Needs Dan Bongino!

Maryland Needs Dan Bongino! forMaryland's 6th Congressional DistrictDan say's "She Needs You, Fight Back"My experiences inside the "D C Bubble” clearly demonstrated to me that we are being treated as pawns in a game we cannot play.   Politicians on both sides of the partisan divide have so corrupted  the process, that any focus on prescriptive policies for a better tomorrow has been lost.Dan stands on these issues!Job GrowthToo many people in Maryland, and around the country, have lost their…

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Support MD Rights to Free Speech & Religion

Support MD Rights to Free Speech & ReligionCounty commissioner violates federal judge’s order, mentions Jesus at meetingposted at 10:01 am on March 28, 2014 by Ed Morrissey Can a public official mention Jesus at an official meeting? According to a federal judge in Maryland, the answer is no. According to Carroll County commissioner Robin Frazier, it’s yes — and she’s willing to go to jail to defend what she sees is her right to free speech and religious expression: “Out of respect for my…

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MD Round Up- Raising Wages

MD Round Up- Raising WagesGov. O'Malley has hit a snag in his plan to raise Maryland's minimum wage.  Senator Middleton is pushing legislation that will ensure those caring for the "developmentally disabled" in the community based programs will have wages that are higher than the new minimum wage.  I find no problem with either position on raising of the wages. What I have a problem with, is these wage increases will not go into effect until 2017.  What is wrong with these raises going into…

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