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A little history:

Population per the 2012 census- 6,537,334

Indiana  was admitted as the 19th state on December 11th 1816. President James Madison signed an act of Congress admitting Indiana to the Union.

Her motto is “Cross Roads of America” officially adopted in 1937.

2012 election Indiana was a ‘Red’ state.


Known as the ‘Hoosier State’’ which came into use after John Fenley’s poem ‘The Hoosiers Nest’ appeared in the Richmond, Indiana Palladium newspaper in 1830.

“I'm told, in riding somewhere West, A stranger found a Hoosier's Nest -” quote from John Fenley’s poem.

Indiana was part of the huge Northwest Territory, which included present day Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin, which were ceded to the United States by the British at the end of the Revolutionary war.

During the Revolutionary War the contributions of George Rogers Clark in present day Indiana is the main connection.

The use of the word to describe the territory now called Indiana dates back to at least 1768 and the "Indiana Land Company." Indiana means “Land of the Indians”.

Read Wikipedia’s version of the Indiana Territorial history 1800 - 1816.

The Indiana Historian,  A Magazine Exploring Indiana History, provides an online issue dedicated to Territorial Indiana.

Indiana contributed mightily with  soldiers and millions of dollars of equipment and supplies to the Union.  Indiana’s state government offers a very good write up of Hoosier Soldiers in the Civil War.

Some Hoosiers chose to fight for the Confederacy however exact numbers are unknown.

The Legacy of the Civil War in Indiana





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