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A little history:

Population per the 2012 census- 12,875,255

Illinois was admitted as the 21st state on December 3rd 1818. Her motto is“State Sovereignty”.

President James Monroe the 5th and last President of the Founding Fathers officially signed and decreed Illinois a state.

Illinois is known as “The Land of Lincoln”  despite those of us who think it is “Chicago Politics”. “The Land of Lincoln” was not adopted until 1955.

Abraham Lincoln helped to create the new Republican Party in Illinois. Although Lincoln is considered a  favorite son there is no Lincoln County however Lincoln’s arch rival Steven Douglas has the county of Douglas named for him. For a brief time Illinois was part of Virginia and thus has many counties whose names are from a Southern legacy. Lincoln was born in Kentucky.

In 2012 of the 102 counties of Illinois, only 19 can be considered voting overwhelming ‘Blue’. While a ‘big nut to crack’ we must work together to change the destructive path large populations centers are on and turn them ‘Red’.

Illinois has strict voter registration laws. There is no foul talking to people about the errors of voting against themselves.


The first Europeans in Illinois Country were the French. After the French and Indian War in 1763, the territory was ceded to the British.

There were  two major  Revolutionary War events that occurred in Illinois Country. The  military actions in the then owned territory by the British were located at the forts of Vincennes, and Kaskaskia. Kaskaskia was captured in 1778 and Vincennes in 1779.

George Rogers Clark, the  highest ranking officer from Virginia and the highest ranking American military officer on the northwestern frontier during the Revolutionary War was tasked with taking the forts. Clark has often been hailed as the "Conqueror of the Old Northwest."


Illinois became its own territory in 1809 for preparation to statehood.

For an overview of the history of the Illinois Territory  See.

The Illinois Territory was a hotbed during the War of 1812.  A good book titled Illinois in the War of 1812,  by Gillum Ferguson is available as an ebook.


Illinois contribution to the Civil War was 250,000 troops for the Union army despite a presence of the Democratic Peace Party and its members who were referred to as the  Copperheads.

From ‘the trustworthy site’ The Conservative Encyclopedia read more about the label Copperheads.

The following are interesting reads:

Politics in Illinois and the Union During the Civil War, By Drew E. VandeCreek, Ph.D.

Illinois Copperheads and the Civil War, by Delores Archaimbault and Terry A. Barnhart

Settlement and Immigration in Civil War Illinois, By Drew E. VandeCreek, Ph.D.





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