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A little history:

Population Per 2012 census- 917,092

DE was the 1st state to ratify the United States constitution. It did so on December 7th 1787.

Her motto is "Liberty and Independence".

Delaware adopted its nickname “The First State”  May 23rd 2002.

Among the top 10 Democratic States. Let’s work together to make DE a more friendly conservative state. There are three counties in Delaware and Sussex county was ‘Red’ in the 2012 election.


!602 - 1614 Early explorations of  Delaware's coastline were made by the Spaniards, Portuguese and the Dutch.

1638 The first permanent colony was established by the Swedes near present-day Wilmington.

1682 A long dispute ensued between William Penn and Lord Baltimore of the Province of Maryland as to the exact dominion controlled by Penn on the lower Delaware. This dispute lasted until almost to the end of the colonial period in 1776.

1698 Old Swedes (Holy Trinity) Church built by the Swedes at Wilmington in 1698 was supplied by the Mother Church with missionaries until after the Revolution. It is one of the oldest Protestant Churches in North America.

Delaware had five signers of the Declaration of Independence they were Richard Bassett, Gunning Bedford, Jr.,  Jacob Broom, John Dickinson and George Read.

Little  Delaware supplied some 4,000 men to the Revolutionary War and supplied a number of capable officers who led the troops of Delaware in all the principal engagements from the battle of Long Island to the siege of Yorktown.

The only Revolutionary engagement fought on Delaware soil was the battle of Cooch's Bridge, near Newark, on September 3, 1777.

Tradition holds the first time Betsy Ross's famous flag was flown was at the Battle of Cooch's Bridge, in 1777 near Newark, DE.

John Dickinson of Delaware presided over the Annapolis Convention, which called for the Federal Constitutional Convention, that met in Philadelphia the next year.

After the contentious battle for Thomas Jefferson to become President of the United States DE was front and center for drafting of the 12th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Delaware and the Civil War:

Although Delawareans were split in their feelings regarding the Civil War some were for slavery; others were against it, and still others thought it would fade away if left alone they were united in their sentiments to maintain the Union. Delaware provided sixteen military units to the Union Army.

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