The Goal of this group is to create a Nationwide Alternate Communication system to be utilized in the event of an Internet shutdown, major power outage, or other national  emergency.

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  • This group has been dormant too long! Let's bring this up as a refresher!

  • i'm looking at options that require the least amount of red tape.

    i'd love to have a ham radio, but would only use it for emergencies. i know licensing is required, but.....!  i think a cb would be the next best thing.  what are the basics/essentials for a cb and what's a good price range for a used cb with those basics/essentials?


    if i ever get a ham, what are the basics/essentials for that as well as a good price range for a used ham with those basics/essentials?  

    right now i have a cell and stamps, lol!

  • There is no doubt every key typed to every call made by land or by air can be heard by others with far better equipment than we shall ever have.   That does not mean we have no means of hiding text inside text.  The last thing I would consider is this administration would not bend the law,  as the law is what they say it is anyway.   Until that changes,  hopefully in a year and three months,  we can assume that the sky has ears.

  • Remember, even though you say it takes a subpoena to tap a phone line....that is OK if one follows the law.  I can go to anyone's home and tap into thier phone line and monitor every call made/received.  Of course it is against the law to do it that way, but who will be obeying the law if one really wanted to listen to your phone calls?

  • Hi Suzie- I live in Gilbert, Arizona. A few months ago I started a group named ShiftLocalUSA on Freedom Connect for the purpose of helping Patriots get prepared connecting one neighborhood to the next.

    Currently, myself and another member residing in Katy, Texas are spreading the word, but wondering if we should be directing others here. What do you think?

    BTW: Freedom Connect has an excellant Search Feature to connect Patriots residing within a 1 mile radius from your home and as far out as you want to go. It's a quick, fast, easy way to connect with Patriots.

  • This message is meant to be a reply to MollieB55:

    Molly, i read your last posting regarding not using Cell Phones when you don't want anyone to hear you.  Well, the use of a landline telephone is probably more unsecure than a cell phone. You see, all landline telephone circuits go through the wires from your home and end up in a telephone central office down the road a few miles from your home, then from there the go to another switching center further down the road or many miles from your home and can be tapped into.  I am sure you have heard of "phone taps" where the law enforcement can get a court order and tap a phone line to listen on a conversation.  In lots of old movies, you often saw people sitting in a room with headphones on listening in on a telephone conversation.  So, landlines are not totally secure either.  I could go to your home, tap into your phone line and listen in on every phone call you make.  Very simple and easy to do.

  • Being attacked on 9/11 might have seemed like a National Emergency but did we need this EBS then???  NOPE!  So why any changes and whats all this for!?  Oh yeah, our imposter in chief wants to control us by way of the airwaves, create fear in the hearts of those who would be easily controlled.  hmmm ... CB or Ham?  which would be best if there truly were an emergency?  thanks for any tips/info!

  • We will monitor CB channel 3 on the 1st Saturday of the month between 7 & 8 p.m. call sign  starznbarz. If you want to test before then just e - mail me at our site with your info and we`ll set it up.

  • The disturbing thing for me about this test was that it failed.  Lady GaGa - seriously !   This tells me immediately that a new technology is being tested for the EBS.  The old obnoxious buzzer has always worked just fine.   We were not told this is a new technology,  and until we know what it is,  we do not know what it is capable of doing in the future.   Warning us in case of a national emergency would be a nice start !

  • It seems the "emergency broadcast" aka "can I play with the airwaves now Michelle" has worked as well as this rocket scientist`s other grand plans. (well, except for the one to crash the country- that seems to be going well) I was late getting online- eight folks acknowledged??? DO NOT let this discourage you! If you are not aware of this- during the Revolutionary war only 3% of the population at the time were actively engaged in the fight for liberty - 3% ... here`s my thought, Suzie raised the discussion of backup commo, you should be doing this no matter the political situation - here in Florida we have big `ol tropicals and hurricanes, land lines and cells are down for days, we use CB to communicate. It`s simple,cheap and effective, simply pick a channel, pick a date, make contact with your relay point and they contact the next relay point - it takes very little time(usually less than an hour) till your circle has come back around. Keep a small notebook with your contact circle, once a month, barring any problems,  is sufficient. interested in trying? e-mail me from my website and we`ll give it a shot.

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