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About: Citizen Education Rally Teams aka CERT’s

We all agree that Education is the key. Well how exactly do we do that?

How do we as individuals help to educate the masses of ill-informed, freebie grabbing, teat sucking, and (unknowing?) subjects of a tyrant would be king? Well, that is a question. And I believe the answer lies in each and every one of you! We the People hold the power and we always have!

YOU and only YOU have the ability to help educate the masses! We have very little media support, very little news exposure. Yet we are surprised when progressives act ignorant- hell maybe they are for lack of facts!

It is time for us to form Citizen Education Rally Teams!  “CERT”s are simple small groups of like-minded neighbors who are gathering together for the peaceful purpose of general education! Handing out brochures!

Once these teams are formed- we will plan Citizen Education Rallies!

These Rallies are simply small groups of neighbor’s perhaps a dozen people or less- check your town for regulations for public gathering- small groups DO NOT NEED PERMITS!

We must each become a printing press and the “delivery boys” of Conservative Truth and News! No One is going to do this for us!

Coming soon!

I will seek to provide you with professional looking brochures and other material to print and handout.

Please check the following resources

  • Brochures
  • Letters
  • Education
  • State Groups
  • Congressional Districts

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  • Labor Day C.E.R.T.S! One person can hold a CERT! It simply means hand out some brochures! Help Educate America...

  • Time to re-activate this group! 

    We will help you start your own C.E.R.T.S!   

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    We absolutely must get up and get out! I was waiting for the new site to launch this action but- there is no time like the present!!!

  • certs: a candy with  breath freshener it was tiny and full of mint I hated them. BUT to this creation Suzie  maybe it can be used to refresh the soul? And Boy does this nation need soul!

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