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I have made Arizona my home and as each day passes by I find myself both very proud of the actions that Arizona has taken against national take overs and at the same time find that the state  is all to willing to take on more mandates offered to the state by the national government . All mandates equate to short term monetary gains and eventually a long term cost to the Arizona taxpayer. What the national government offers, despite studies by the national government,  does end up costing Arizonans.

I am also fed up with our Senator's Flake and McCain. Those two need to be replaced. Many Arizonans are working to just do that.

I encourage all of my fellow Arizonans to become involved to ensure Arizona becomes an even better place to live.

Share what is happening in your Districts and better still what actions are going on for "real" change.

Look forward to joining in on discussions. Let's hang together!

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  • Hello AZ!

    An update from my day at the Jan 23rd AZGOP state mandatory meeting.

    Just a quickie I attented the AZGOP mandatory state meeting along with an impressive number of State Committeemen/women. What a day it was. Kelli Ward was re-elected Chair on the second ballot. We also had a bunch of resolutions to vote on. The worst part was having to listen to those from LDs in Maricopa County put forth a reqson NOT to pass. They disgusted me giving their RINO reasoning for not censuring Flake, Cindy McCain and Governor Ducey. All 3 of those passed. Ducey was not at the meeting as a guest speaker, I do not know the backstory. I do believe that if he showed he would have been booed off the stage. All resolutions passed.

    Liberty, freedom, election integrity forefront -- Biggs and Gosar received standing ovations and they encouraged us to stand proud and strong and fight back.

    Lesko spoke, I am not a staunch supporter of her so I closed my eyes and let myself take a snooze during her time. Charlie Kirk gave us encouraging words before gaveling us in.

    I am a supporter of Daniel McCarthy -- he took the stage, told hard truths and was escorted from the hall by 3 security guards. The RINO/CINO ones think of him as a wacko disruptor. I like a good distruptor to the RNC. They need to be shook up in an old Maytag washing machine then put through the wringer.

    One thing this was held at a new venue site. Site was beautiful but for those of us with disability issues very difficult to navigate. I came home totally pooped out. I was not shy asking an abled body to help me.

    If other AZ folks were there, appreciate hearing from you e.g. post please. 

  • Hi all, There are 30 AZ members. Any chance that any of you would consider getting active. Now more than ever not only is it important to stick together to share info to save our Republic but fact AZ just elected another state senator with a (D). Conservatives are under seige -- goal to purge one and all.

    Let's get active talking about are own states ever enlargeing swamp.


  • Lake Havasu, AZ Memorial Day 2020 join others today as many Arizonons demostrate their pride for America and our President.

    Don't forget to share pictures.

  • p flags wavinSpent, well spent time, yesterday afternoon, in a friends vehicle, one of many, with flags flying, U.S, thin blue line flags and Trump flags proudly unflured around and around the Prescott courthouse square. An uplifting experience.

  • Well since I wrote the above McCain passed on although his political machine is alive much to the dismay of "true" constitutional loving patriots (I count myself in the true pariot group.

    Flake is long gone even RINOs coudl no longer tolerate him.

    A marxist senator was elected in 2018. AZ in 2020 may very well lose another U.S. Senate seat to the left thanks to the RNC, GOPe and courtesy of Mitch of course. 

    I am a PC, elected by my peers as a State Committeewoman in 2018 plus elected as a State Delegate to he AZ GOP Convention. The convention turned in to VIRTUAL.  

    Since the primary due to my volunteer work for my candidate, getting a first hand view in to the RNC, GOPe, Mitch, etc shoving McSally down our throats by any means necessary I have soured to the GOP.

    As a conservative along with many conservative activist in my LD/CD and witnessing the treatment at the hands of leaders something must change. I felt that being active in the GOP (county and state) affecting change from within would be possible. I was wrong. A win now and then would quickly turn in to an illusion.

    So whats the plan now? I will be supporting 100% the plan to bring forth a New Arizona Party. The final name of the  party to be chosen later first things first is to garner the required signatures to make the party legal.

    My fellow Arizonans if you are tired of the actions and inactions of the R party go to ARIZONANEWPARTY.COM and fill out the form.Become part of the new movement! 


    Arizona New Party
    Arizona Needs a New Political Party.
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