The coming Elections are the Most Important Issue in Your LIFE! Above all else, seriously, all else, because what is there if  We ARE NOT FREE! 

If you are on the fence, please read and research for yourself...

Yes, this Election determines the future of America. Democrats are the puppets of the power mongering socialist communists of the world. One in particular George Soros, who if you follow the money in any socialist liberal organization, you will find George Soros who is the ultimate puppetmaster.

Using his billions of dollars to buy influence specifically in the areas of undereducated minority american youth, who he and his orgs, prey on and brainwash to a freenzy such as Black Lives Matter, and Antifa, who follow his communist agenda unquestioningly. The GOAL is to "Funadamentally Change America", Obama said it out loud! Look around, how much more change can we handle?

The bilions of dollars in damage, the lifes lost, the great division of America, was a plan waiting for a crisis to happen... then came the Plandemic...

The Perfect Storm! The teaming of The One World Elitists,  those with a Communism agenda, The angry youth who has been brainwashed to believe in socialism through education, people suffering, senior citizens under stress mx it up with BLM and Antia and all the others with thier own agenda and throw in the Pandemic!!! Mix it all up and look around you... what do you really see? VS What they want Your to See!?

I beleive Donald Trump is the savior of our Future. You may not like his ways personally, but this man will fight for America and American Standards and Above all Americas Freedom.


We must become Comm-Unity! Meaning, Communication and UNITY together in action!

Conservatives must become... well, less conservative in  Action and in Words! We must UNITE, and we must Fight for LIberty.

Election Prediction Map

 What is YOUR Prediction for 2020?           You can make your predictions and compare to the rest of the country!

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My forcast for AZ

AZ is said to be a toss up! If the primary was an indication on that alone being that the voter turnout was dismal only stood  at 36.46% of registered voters turned out, it's a toss for the general .General elections typically have a larger turnout.  Nov. is crucial to have a chance for AZ to stay RED. There are more registered republicans than democrats -- the GOP's and their grassroots PC's have been busy registering even more R voters keeping us at a slight advantage.  I feel strongly that…

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