Who Is Really To Blame?

The Way I See It:
The Biden administration says it wants to make a fundamental change in America's economy, sounds much like Obama's words, taken from (Saul Alinsky) about fundamentally changing America. Well, it's working. Highest inflation rate in 13 years is a good start for the Communists running the country. Not to mention the fact that the Left has already succeeded in destroying America's robust energy industry. The Left has all but erased the Southern Border, invited literally millions of un-vetted illegal aliens from South America, Haiti, Mexico, and a number of Afghani so-called refugees who by the way contain a terrorist contingent yet to be known, as no one vetted them either. This administration has managed to turn American citizens against one another, sparked by intentional, diabolical infused hatred of freedom and liberty loving Americans by accusing us all of being domestic terrorists. Overwhelming America's entire economic system with free entitlements to illegal invaders and forcing hard working Americans to pay for those unearned entitlements by raising taxes. If one cannot see that the fundamental transformation from Capitalism to Communism isn't well into the implementation stage, then one is either blind, stupid, or both.
Blaming the Covid pandemic for America's political intentional demise, is nothing but a pig in poke, a lame at best excuse for a myriad of unconstitutional mandates of masks, lockdowns, social distancing, under the guise that it's all about the health and welfare of the American people. Let's stop the pu**yfooting around! (I used the double asterisk because Leftists are ignorant of the English language and FB fact checkers are among the most undereducated in America.) The Leftists couldn't care less about the American people and our health, or they wouldn't be forcing mandates down our throats and not requiring the same of illegal interlopers, trespassers and criminals from third world nations. Let's face it, Covid-19 is not the cause of America's decent into oblivion, it's the governments reaction to the pandemic. Just as guns are not the cause of violence, twisted criminals are the cause of violence, murder rates. Here in America, somehow we've allowed the nation's most notorious criminals to successfully take over the government and it's many branches to laud over the Americans who put them in office. Looking for an insurrection? Look no further than Washington, D.C., the Halls of Congress and Senate, and the Executive and Judicial Branches of this once freedom loving nation. Much of the blame for the orchestrated destruction can also be laid at the feet of the mainstream media, who at one time in America's history were called the esteemed 4th Estate.
If Joe Biden's victory election was real, which I sincerely doubt, the electorate of the American people have no one to blame but ourselves, as we violated our own principles, morals and common sense, hence we've cut off our own noses despite our faces. Benjamin Franklin was quoted as saying: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty or Safety." So we Americans need to query ourselves, have we, in our complacency sacrificed or freedoms and liberties for the empty promise of our safety? Have we turned our backs on the only President worth his salt, whose love of our country and the people for the scheming, two tongued, soft spoken voice a the devil in disguise? Buyers remorse has never in history rectified the hasty purchase.
That's the way I see it...
J. Francis Roth
Psaki says Biden wants to make a 'fundamental change' to the American economy and that 'coming out of the pandemic' is the perfect time to do it
Psaki says Biden wants to make a 'fundamental change' to the American economy and that 'coming out of the pandemic' is the perfect time to do it
President Joe Biden wants to steal from Barack Obama's playbook.White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted Tuesday that Biden is hoping to make a "fundamental change" to the American economy. Obama, while campaigning for president in 2008, infamously promised he would be "fundamentally transform...


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