Where Do We Go From Here?

The Way I See It:
  Now that a few overly zealous patriots actually thought that they could overthrow the Federal Government by storming the gates of the Capitol Building, turning a peaceful protest against tyranny into a chaotic melee of unorganized foolishness.  A fool's errand ensued and now will forever be the overshadow of a show of rigtheous indignation, by righteous patriots with a huge grievence against government corruption and deception of We The People.  We all know that the Left will condemn all Constitution loving patriots with never ending stories about how violent the Right is.  The questionable behavior of a few Trump zealots, or those pretending to be, have managed to successfully cast a disparaging cloak of darkness over anything and anyone who questions governmental protocol, in essence, we on the right have been branded as neer-do-wells who need to be punished, and punish us they will, one way or another.  So, where do we go from here?  Well, we remain calm, take a step back and regroup.  The Republic is as divided as it was in the first revolutionary war, the second revolutionary war (the war of 1812) and the Civil War between the states.  There is no Democratic Party, let's face it, there is no viable Republican Party.  The Democrat Party is Now the Socialist Party of the United Socialist States of America, and the Republican Party is floundering around in disarray wondering how can they continue to lose with honor, keep their seats in the House and Senate and still manage to step out of their terms a thousand times wealthier than when they were first elected to office.  Republican politicians have no need to worry about "saving face" as they revel in losing, they're usd to it. Arguing with one another is the Republican way, never reaching agreement and whining that they have no control because the Democrats now have the entire government stucture under their proverbial thumbs. My God, how did that happen?   Please don't misunderstand me, I do not condemn every Republican politician as feckless, there are a few who are truly Conservative, some who can pretend to be Conservative, and some who ran as Republicans because there were no spots Left on the Democrat ticket, like Mitt Romney for example.  Romney's soul purpse for running on a Republican ticket, was to get elected and then undermine every Conservative colleague, including the President.  Socialists have no problem lying and then raising their true colors, it's the way of the Left.  Once again, where do we go from here?  I have taken the liberty of posting George Wooten's Poem, it's more than relevant to todays America. 
  As a thought, there are some 75-76 million Conservative Voters in this Republic, all of us have been lied too, decieved, ignored and now disenfranchised.  To put our frustration into perspective, we are angry with the evil Left, and we are disappointed with the fecklessness of the so-called Republican Party. (the Right)...  So, I ask, why is there still a Republican Party, when it's extremely possible to create a 76 million voter strong "Patriot Party"?
  Like the following poem suggests to us:  We Should Endeavor To Persevere... 
That's the way I see it...
J. Francis Roth  
When best-laid plans have fallen to waste
and frustration abounds in their former place,
when failure looms with doubts and fears
we must endeavor to persevere!

When dreams are shattered and hopes are dashed,
goals upon the shoals have crashed,
when gladness is but a memory dear
let us endeavor to persevere.

When sons and daughters from God rebel
and the paths they follow lead straight to hell
your fervent prayers God does not hear
pledge to endeavor to persevere.

When wracked with pain, our body worn,
youth is spent, don't be forlorn,
a better day is growing near
while we endeavor to persevere.

When all is lost, life’s' cupboard bear,
and seems like even God don't care,
His grace is sufficient in the trials and tears,
still we endeavor to persevere.

This present life is hard at best
but we must strive to complete the test
for our redemption draweth near
as we endeavor to persevere.

A restful home for us awaits,
we long to enter heaven's gates,
the promise of peace and never a tear
if we endeavor to persevere.

Christ Himself will take our hand
and guide us through this beautiful land,
the saints will tell us they're glad we're here
and that we endeavored to persevere!
George Wootton
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