W.H.O. Lying Deceitful Bastards.

The Way I See It:
Is this unexpected? Not by me it isn't! Pretty soon Biden will make all the Covid-19 magically disappear and folks will be dying from what was actually causing their fatality. Gotta like the WHO, their honesty is really a wonder to behold. If only they were honest with President Trump and the rest of the world. It appears now that the Left has managed to get a couple of useful idiots into the White House, Biden and the WHO can safely stop the lies, the deceit and the entire Covid-19 terror scam.  I was so elated to hear that Doctor "Saint" Fauci feels liberated now that Trump is gone and Biden is in.  Pathetic lying bastards, all!
That's the way I see it...
J. Francis Roth
An Hour After Joe Biden Is Sworn In, WHO Admits Their Testing Grossly Overstates Individuals Testing Positive for COVID
An Hour After Joe Biden Is Sworn In, WHO Admits Their Testing Grossly Overstates Individuals Testing Positive for COVID
Surprise, Surprise – Literally one hour after Biden was sworn in, the World Health Organization admitted that PCR testing produces high amplification rates and results and a huge number of false positives. The WHO released a report today saying that their COVID testing overstates the number of fal...
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  • Boy, doesn't that take the rag off'in the bush.  That's Google's way of saying shut up...  They can tell me to shut up, but they can't make me...

    • Exactly!

      Did you try this yet? Type in Antifa.com  let me know where that takes you!!

      • It took directly to Joe Biden's White House Page.  Hmmm, what does that tell you?  It tells me that Joe the Simpleton and the congressional Democrat/Socialists are in league with the devil.  They just don't know it, because Socialists and Marxists and Communists are all Atheists.  If one does not believe in God, then one cannot recognize who and what the devil is.  Prophetic, isn't it?

  • You are gonna love this!! I tried a search for more info on this- of course, fact-checkers say it is not true... But I thought this was odd- never had a google search return this notice-  below from google-

    It looks like there aren't many great matches for your search
    Tip: Try using words that might appear on the page you’re looking for. For example, "cake recipes" instead of "how to make a cake."
This reply was deleted.


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