Teachers who teach Socialism, Gender modification without parents' knowledge, teach that the 1619 project is a valid description of American history, teachers that teach CRT (Critical Racist Theory), teachers that are afraid to teach classes with parental oversight. All of these I mentioned, are teachers that will not be missed in America's classrooms. So, if teachers are leaving the profession because they want to teach Marxist ideologies, then they will not be encouraged to remain by parents whose first priority, is their child's education. It is imperative to teach children: English, Language, Mathematics, True American, and World History and Geography. Socialism, gender manipulation, and Racism, in any direction, is not a teacher's place in any classroom.
No student, White, Black, Red, Brown or Yellow should be demeaned or vilified on the basis of skin color alone. Grades should be fair and equal, there should be no lowering of the bar for appeasement of certain skin color.  Skin pigmentation is not a factor when determining IQ or ability to learn. If teachers find themselves teaching from either right or left, they need to take stock of themselves. Teach students the facts, the true facts, and allow them to think for themselves, if a teacher's intent is to brainwash students into believing only one set of values, then their values need to be left up too parents. Teachers who believe that parents have no right to know what is being taught in the classroom, obviously have something to hide. If you, as a teacher find it difficult to separate your ideologies form standard reading, writing and arithmetic curriculums, then you are not suited to teach young children and should seriously seek another profession. America needs good and great teachers, if you are one of those, please don't leave your classroom, America needs you...  
Teachers should be required to teach the truth along with facts, "the truth has no agenda, it simply is what it is."  There is no your truth, or my truth, there is only "the truth".  Stick to it in the classrooms and at home.
J. Francis Roth
Johnson County teacher’s message to parents: You can be angry, but we also can leave
Johnson County teacher’s message to parents: You can be angry, but we also can leave
A video of her impassioned plea has thousands of views on social media.
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J. Francis Roth: Christian, Constitutionalist, Thinker, Opinionated Editorialist

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