To Mask Or Not To Mask; Now That's A "?"

The Way I See It:

I live in a state where Corona Virus cases are nominal compared to more populated states, i.e., NY, NJ, MI, CA and ILL.   Too my point of the "mandatory mask" policies implemented in almost all of the 50 states, regardless of Corona case count, Covid-19 Death count, Covid-19 recovery count, all the various counts except one.  I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but this one count stands out to me like that huge pimple on your nose when you were 15 or 16 years of age.  The data across the nation is suspect, at best.  As all data and the collection there of changes, sometime within hours, not just days or weeks. 

 Example:  Here is the latest CDC Data from yesterday 27 July 2020:

TOTAL CASES U.S.:         4,225,687  NEW CASES:       61,795     

TOTAL DEATHS U.S.:       146,546     NEW DEATHS:     564


So I don't run off too far and deep into a rabbit hole, allow me to refer back to two data numbers, those being:  NEW CASES & NEW DEATHS.  The word "NEW" should be a clue as to where the title of this post gets it's origin.  We should all have noticed by now that "Mandatory Mask" rules have been in place in most principalities for a substantial number weeks, if not months.  Has it occured to anyone why is there not data concerning "New Cases/New Deaths" where the people have all been wearing masks the entire time prior to testing?  Does anyone at any of the hundreds of nation wide testing sites even query if the testees were complying with wear masks in public places mandates?  I'm going to venture that the question in question has either never been proposed, or it has been proposed and the answers do not once again fit the narrative, and are omitted in the reported data.    

 I have asked a number of folks that I've run across outside of my local Super Market;  Why are you wearing a mask/face covering?  Every single answer, was "to protect me from catching the virus."   So then, I ask;  Do you think your mask protects you from contracting Covid-19?  Every single answered was a resounding:  "Yes!"  My third question;  Does it upset you when you see people not wearing a mask/face covering?  Always a resounding "YES!"  My final question was; Why, if you're sure that your mask protects you from Corona Virus exposure, someone without a mask shouldn't bother you all?  That's when most folks simply walked away, hopefully rethinking their choice as to whether wearing a mask/face covering has been scientifically proven to prevent the spread.

I personally have found mountains of information regarding pros and cons of the benefits of wearing a mask, and for that matter not wearing a mask.  As a result, I always find myself going back to my grade and high school Science classes.  It's doubtful that respiratory science will be included in the new curriculum when and if youngsters go back to school wearing the required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) i.e., masks, shields etc., and of course social distancing in class.  The Leftist acedemia can ill afford for a student to actually read in an accredited science book about how the human respiratory system is designed to function.  My common sense and my exposure to Basic Science, Biology, and admittedly limited Medical knowledge tells me that humans must inhale fresh oxygen and exhale poison carbon dioxide to survive.  That being said, any restriction of that biological respiratory process will be and is detrimental to one's health.  I watched a Doctor on TV just the other night, I believe it was on Fox News, he measured his oxygen intake with out a mask, then he placed a mask over his nose and mouth, he then attested to the fact that he could breathe just fine, and that as shown on his oxygen apparatus that his oxygen level did not change.  Remarkable, but for a single point, he didn't wear the mask for a 2-3 hour shopping spree, a jog around the block, eight hours on the job inside a factory, or eight hours on a construction site.  In my opinion, his experiment was a total failure.

So, my point, if you have no or less fear of breathing in your own expelled carbon dioxide poison, than you have of Corona Virus exposure then by all means make your choice from that.  But do not make your choice from possibly skewed data from CDC, WHO or any other so-called medical expert organization.  Do your own research.  As for me, I choose not to wear a mask, or at least not to wear one for longer than a couple of minutes, ever.

That's the way I see it...

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  • I do not wish to muzzle (wear a mask) I can't breathe and end up fighting a panic attack. I was coersed to wear one for a medical test if I didn't comply I would not get critical meds filled. I am still furious.

    I attend politial events where there is no requirement to muzzle and social distincing one is on their own to decide for themselves

    I did muzzle to get my haircut but I chose to do it for the guy who cuts my hair. He had been closed due to the Gov mandating and he has always scraped by -- so opening up for him meant following the mandate rules.

    Chris bought me a shield and I for the first time wore it into the grocery store last week. I could breathe but actually most people shopping were not muzzled.

    None of what has been madated makes any logical sence to me. Herd immunity is crucial. 

    This to me is about bringing on the "new normal" another way to describe it is tyranny.

    • Patricia, anything other than "normal", is "abnormal," new or otherwise.  When forced to don a mask, I usually pull it down to cover my beard.  They say the mask is required, they didn't say where it must be worn.

      • Jerome, Wise man you are. True "anything other than "normal", is "abnormal,"  That places the democrat party as "the abnormal party" although the R's are running as fast as they can to overcome the D's for the "abnomal" award.

        • Patricia,  truly RINO's have been exhausting themselves to show that they can be as left of normal as the Left is left of normal.  I painstakingly watch the DNC so that I can make a first hand comment, but seriously, one needs an iron stomach to swallow what Dems are feeding the country.  What is really disheartrning is when one logs on to a computer, no matter what engine you use, the beginning stories are all derogatorials (I believe I just made up a new word?) aimed at Donald Trump.  Is it any wonder why even some normal people would begin to question our President.  This is a full-on assault of the Republic by the Left, I pray that we the normal will become even more resolute in our Conservative convictions and vote like our lives depend on it, because they do.

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