The progressive socialist tyrants that look to set the agenda for our country have not changed. Many strategies have been updated, but the results they seek are still the same.
The identity politics of tribalism are being used to pick favored groups. These groups are identified by race, economic status, and socialist ideology. These are to be the designated victims. These victims are told they are victims because of another defined tribal group, the oppressors. The oppression is the fault of Jews, Christians, white men, and capitalists. The constant drumbeat of oppression has led to tribal identities that do not feel they need to do anything but be the victim, and the government will care for them. The leftists are looking to destroy traditional American values and culture and to take away the constitutional order of personal freedoms.
The progressive socialists have convinced some people in this country that patriotism is dangerous. We are being inundated with talking heads telling us we must have integration with the world and embrace a global economic order. They continue to profess their need for open borders contrary to the America citizens wishes. These elite leftists are concerned by those patriots who still believe in faith and family. It has been proven time and time again, that government is not capable of solving the failures of society. Bureaucracies on a government level lead to more chaos and more failure.
Republicans being called racist is nothing new. It starts with Progressive socialists like Rep. William Clay, a Democrat from Missouri who claimed Ronald Reagan was replacing the Bill of Rights with precepts lifted verbatim from Mein Kampf in 1983. Or Maxine Waters, who in 1992, called George H.W. Bush a racist. Or Rep. John Dingell, who in 1995 called the Republican-controlledd House the Reichstag. John Lewis in 1995 declared the Republicans are coming for our children, for the sick, for the elderly and the disabled. Donna Brazille as Al Gore’s presidential campaign manager in 1999, stated that the Republicans have a white boy attitude, it’s a culture.
There are others. In 2002, the America people were told that the Republicans were trying to create Empire American from a sitting member of Congress. Surprisingly Al Gore himself accused George W. Bush of releasing squadrons of digital brownshirts to harass journalists. It sounds a lot like Antifa, doesn’t it? Government oversight of violence against those who disagree with the progressive socialist agenda has always been a part of the socialist repressions. Even one of the Presidential candidates, Joe Biden, in 2012 declared that Mitt Romey “gonna put y’all back in chains.” Minority groups are waking up, and they are leaving the progressive socialist plantation than has been holding them back for so long. The leftists can continue to whine and cry racist as they have since the early '90s, but it isn't working anymore.
It s still believed that blacks are only two-thirds people, but it is the progressive socialists that understand it and want to keep them that way. The blacks in this country have made incredible strides on their own without the constant drumbeats of the professional rabble-rousers and victimologists within the progressive socialist party. Many blacks understand that nothing is holding them back and the opportunities are there for them to do whatever they want. African Americans in this country are proud and know that they have been a profound influence on the greatness of this country.
The victim class screams that they are at a permanent disadvantage because the “ruling” class of mean capitalists are greedy and have committed treason against the “victim” class and the rules of law. The “victim” class has been told they are the ones with virtue, and the "others" have no rights. No rights for free speech, no right to keep and bear arms and no freedom of assembly. Already we have colleges that refuse to allow conservative speakers to the point of rioting if they should dare to show up. Evergreen College in Washington State has demanded days where whites are not allowed on the campus, including professors. For years they have demanded the 2nd Amendment be abolished. They are trying that in New Zealand right now. The government of New Zealand has required all firearms must be turned in through the government mandatory buyback program. In a country far smaller than the United States and with far fewer guns, the turn-in rate is right at about 3%. For some reason, the leftists in our country think that by demanding the American citizens turn in our guns that would solve the problem. By some estimates, there are over 300 million guns in this country in the hands of law-abiding citizens. I know many gun owners who all agree that if this government want our firearms they are going to come in force and take them. Is that really what the progressive socialists want?
Civil discourse can never be allowed according to the progressive socialists. Like the tyrannical governments before it, they will claim that any alternative idea is treasonous for the reason that it refuses the bigger government aspect of running individual lives. Leftists believe that any concept that refutes the agenda of those who feel they are our morally superiors must be put down. The useful idiots in our country agree that they are either too lazy or too ignorant to run their own lives. They have been told for years that our country is evil and will repeat what they have been taught like third graders to the teachers every chance they get. They honestly believe what they are taught and do not have the experience of what else the world offers. They haven't been allowed to understand that this country has helped people all over the world to obtain freedom, prosperity, and a chance at a better life. They don't know that the leftist elites that have taught them want nothing more than to turn their lives into a third world country.
The progressive socialists can bring together like-minded idiots from Hollywood, academia, and the media to put forth the brain dead clichés they have used since Hitler. They go on about capitalism is terrible, and destroying our country. This is because of the racism and hatred that is inherent in our country according to the teaching of the leftists. They cannot explain nor bring forth any ideas that would make the present system better because there aren't any. Socialism has failed and been discredited every time it has been tried. But they use the same excuse as always and claim it hasn't been done correctly. They claim that Socialism is nothing more than a way to liberate people from the evils of capitalism.
They are quick to point to the stumbles in the American fabric but have no alternative choice. Our country has made mistakes, and no one denies that but we have not been responsible for the deaths of millions in the socialist “utopias” of Cuba, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, Ethiopia and now, Venezuela. Even the Scandinavian countries they are so quick to point to have turned away from Socialism to the point that the citizens of those countries describe themselves as capitalists. There is no right way to do Socialism, and all it causes is the death of millions and inexpressible pain.
It is disconcerting that we even have members of our Congress that have declared that because they have convinced some groups that they are marginalized that they have no choice but to riot. If they want to riot, fine. I suggest that they start with the 14th Congressional District in New York. It would be fitting, being that the political philosophy that seems to be pushed forward is nothing more than failed socialist policies. The people you are supposed to serve no longer have any meaning to you and strategies that are espoused by the socialists do nothing more than divide people. If the forced division continues, more and more citizens will understand that the sole purpose of the identity politics being advanced is to destroy the country. There are no longer any moral underpinnings to your agenda, and your ethical code lies in tatters.

John Veliseks’ new book “One Patriots Opinion- for the Forgotten Men and Women of America” is now available on Kindle/Nook. Patriots! It is time to fight back.

One Patriots Opinion- Monograph on George Soros

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John is a retired military veteran who writes conservative views. Now retired from working fir an internationaly company, he spends his time doing research and writing columns for various conservative websites.

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