After watching the Democratic debates over the past few days, I wanted to take some time to understand why the progressive socialists of the party continue to push an agenda that the American people will never agree to. I have realized that they have a dogmatic strategy that takes many things into account. The first is the fact that progressive socialism has been forced among our students and children through education and the media.

One strategy is to keep the citizenry in a state of enforced chaos. Identity politics is a large part of that. The progressive socialists, commonly called Democrats, are dividing the populace into tribal entities. They continuously attempt to divide us by race, by gender, status, religion, and even politically. It is a constant effort on their part, along with the media and academia to fracture the culture of our country into as many different groups as possible. They then use these fractured groups to claim the different groups are disadvantaged because of the differences that the progressive socialists have established. By blaming the “others,” meaning the other groups that they have isolated, they can then create even further division.

If you try to show them that this division is manufactured for the sole purpose of deepening the divide and breaking the cohesion that we hold as Americans, you are to be violently attacked as a political enemy. They will inundate all those who hear that you are homophobic, racist, misogynistic, and any other terms that can be used to silence you by stating the fact that you are oppressing others. They will always bring forth that they are right and that the moral superiority they possess will force you to be silent.

Another strategy is to make government control a focal point of every part of your life. Those bureaucrats that are part of career government know better what you need than you do. Once again, the enlightenment of the moral superiority that they feel they have is the basis of telling you what do to, what to believe, even what think.

The Big Lie has been used in the past to make people believe what they need you to believe. They use the media, and now, the internet to push an agenda that is anathema to civil and cultural norms. Today it has been used to push subjects like climate change, gender identity, white nationalism, and declaring that all white men are racists and knuckle-dragging rapists. These fabrications and many others are denigrating the morality of our society. It works to make more people victims that, once again, will become dependent on the government to arrange their lives. This goes as far to the arguments put forth about abortion. Once again, the argument is used to devalue the dignity of human life further. This way of looking at the value of the dignity of all human life makes it easier to view those who disagree as subhuman, not really of any value as human life. The furthering of abortion was the start of the devaluation of human life, and it is continuing to move forward with the free use of euthanasia. Both are used to make the devaluation of those who disagree with the progressive socialists to the point where being considered an enemy of the state is reason enough for the taking of a life.

The progressive socialists oppose the return of faith and family to the return as the rightful place for society. Rather than build up these factors as the building blocks of our culture, they intrude will the newfound ability they feel they have to control the thoughts of all in our country. Once again, you must be made to agree with the dogma that the progressive socialists are planning for our country. The progressive socialists are doing the best they can to disintegrate the family as a basis for our society. Remember, “It Takes a Village?”. Most Americans did not believe it then, and even less believe it today. So the progressive socialists have found other ways to break up the family. You child thinks, even at three years old that he is another gender? As a parent, you must comply, or the government will take your child. Your teenage daughter is pregnant? Not a problem, the government through the government indoctrinated schools will get her abortion without your approval and without you even knowing. They don’t need your permission. After all, we are just subjects to the oppressive government they wish to impose. These same bureaucrats believe you have no individual rights, but only the “collectivist rights” of the government are viable. This is what is being taught to our children. Do not think for yourself, the agenda that you must follow will be explained to you, and no argument is allowed.

They look for nothing more than total and complete authoritarian control of the mindset of the citizens. These dictatorial madmen who wish to become our masters will make not make any contribution to society other than those steps that will give them the power and control they crave. They refuse to show the citizens of our country what this country is. Ignorance and indoctrination are used in our academia to force our children to listen to the lies, to the denigration of our founders. They are being forced to understand that only socialism will cure our nation’s ills. Our children are not being taught about the mechanisms that have made this country the pinnacle of civilization for over 200 years. Instead, they are being taught that our founders, our way of life, our system of governance, and all that has happened in the past is irrelevant. There is no past that has not been struck down by socialist dogma. The loss of national pride is now called “white nationalism” and used with all the other dogma that the progressive socialists can find to continue the process of demonizing all the patriots that continue to understand that the United States is exceptional. It is the only way to relegate all power to the tyrants, the oligarchs who must in some way dismantle the idea that individual thought is what has always powered our country. The country was built on the “rugged individualism” that pushed to original pioneers to build the icons of our country. The cities, the infrastructure, the major improvements, not only for our country but for the world, were performed by individuals with a dream.

Identity politics has been used to be a divisive force for our country. The failed 2018 Democrat gubernatorial candidate from Georgia stated clearly that she believes identity politics are “who we are.” Identity politics are nothing more than airing complaints of ones own making. The progressive socialist continue in their attempt to make everyone a victim. Of course, it is all based on the “racism” sexism” or a multitude of others –isms that have been placed on the backs of white men.

Part of the identity politics lies in the reformation of our language. Terminologies used over many years have been changed, originally formulated as deconstruction was originally pushed forward by Martin Heidegger, a pro-Nazi philosopher. It was used during the Nazi regime to improve the meanings of words and to allow many words to perish in misuse. Today it used to completely change our language by claiming many words are “microaggressive.” Words such as man, woman, baby, marriage, race, and hard work are all now considered microaggressions that must not be used. One again, this is the diktat of our betters, and no argument will be made. You will learn the correct way to thought or become an enemy of the people. In our schools, even “civics” has become changed from becoming a good citizen with an understanding of the way our government works to being indoctrinated to support governmental edicts to being about “equality” and justice.

It is depressing to consider that Obama released a report that looked at civic responsibility and claimed the United States was no longer a land of opportunity, and even saying so was racist. The report claimed we were victims of oppression and exploited by those who founded our nation. This is who the progressive socialists think we are, and until the American people stand up as they did with the election of President Trump, it will never change. The American people must do more to take our country back before it is too late

John Veliseks’ new book “One Patriots Opinion- for the Forgotten Men and Women of America” is now available on Kindle/Nook. Patriots! It is time to fight back.

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John is a retired military veteran who writes conservative views. Now retired from working fir an internationaly company, he spends his time doing research and writing columns for various conservative websites.

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  • justfolk I totally agree with all you said.

    KAG! Trump 2020! In the primary support a good constitutional conservative where possible then in the general R's up and down the ticket. We all have the awesome responsibility to save our Republic. 

  • Justfolk, So good to see you! Yes, I agree 100%... if we let freedom slip through our fingers, we will only have ourselves to blame...and I do not want to carry that burden!! We must get into action as we did 10 yrs ago!!

  • Excellent post Suzie.

    Everything they are doing . The Joseph Goebbels style propaganda in media and within the party, EVERYTHING you spoke about is EXACTLY what the Nazis implemented in 1930's Germany to gain control of the government and the populace, right down to demonizing any one, or group that wasn't going to march lockstep with them and their vision for Germany. essentially what I now call this "progressive radical left" is FASCIST and FASCISM.   Yes, they must be stopped! I pray that there are enough dems left in the base that are horrified by their leadership and the direction their party is taking to make a stand against them in the elections. Essentially this Fascist party needs to be soundly defeated tobe active only as a failed party in the history books. We need to take back the house and build up our presence in the Senate and Trump needs to have another term or this country will be lost and we will descend into the depths of ungodly tyranny and revolt!

  • I would agree.

  • John I am thinking that we could legitimately claim that the concept of the NWO belongs to the progressive President Woodrow Wilson.

  • John,

    Here is a link to a (long) article I wrote back in 2010- I gathered as much history on NWO as I could find relevant at the time- I don't imagine all links function now- but here it is "In A Nut Shell"

  • John, I agree with your last reply. Yes NWO looming and in play for decades. NWO is leading to establishment of trading zones therefore we will have an NAU. This is all about control at its core. They didn't finish with Agenda 21 so reset to 2030. Sustainable living practices and that brings big time control. I am well into the last days, I'm an old soul, but the next generation(s) will definitely live a life that is under massive control. We see that playing out in China today and China's controls over their masses is helped along by America's technocracy crowd.

    I watched a movie a while back, made from a novel called The Giver, a eye opener of things to come. 

    I suppose generations to come the controls they will live under will just be accepted as "normal". The way it was in the old days will not be available to them.

  • I agree for the most part. Socialism is a not too distant cousin of socialism. Both are tyrannical. I thin the expansion of our goverment will lead to the takeover and with such people as George Soros and other globalists will lead to the New World Order that has been spoken of as far back as George H.W. Bush. If you look closely, you will find the United Nations leading the push to remake our government through articles like Agenda 2030. They already have a hand in our day to day education of our children through Common Core and the radicalization of religion in our country.

  • You made one assertion in describing the lefts goal "One strategy is to keep the citizenry in a state of enforced chaos." That is in fact been their strategy.

    John I do think the political theater script has centered around socialism however, I think that their true goal is communism. It is about central planning and with that ownership by an ever expanding central gov't of all means of production. The way forward then would be destruction of all institutions except those sanctioned by the left. Constitution must be rewritten and the Republic destroyed to a propagandized socialist seeming economic system. All this equates to a Technocracy by and for the D party for it will be the use of technology to carry  out the tyranny of the left.

  • Man throughout history has been a greedy animal - we all want what others posses but we want to just take it either through government edict or war. The choice is but we will take from you what we want.

This reply was deleted.


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