The Impeachment Charade Must End

The impeachment debacle continues. Many keen-eyed citizens have noticed that two glaring inconsistencies occurred that the MSM have not discussed. First, the minority day that was to be set aside was dismissed. Two, there was never a full vote of the House to start the impeachment. What was voted on was to start an impeachment inquiry. Not voting on the impeachment itself, the House was never able to attain “judicial enforcement authority.” This is why the Lawfare lawyers, the highly partisan Douglas Letter, Barry Berka, Norm Eisen, and Daniel Goldman, who work for the progressive socialists, want to argue that they need all the materials and testimony from McGhan, Bolton, and others.  They will claim that the evidence that they claim they require was not available during the sham House hearing and must be produced now to be used as material for the possible Senate trial.

They won’t mention that the testimony that they wanted is protected by Executive Privilege and are concerned that the courts will turn down the requests they need for their fishing expedition. It is not up to Pelosi to dictate how the Senate trial should be held. After being told for weeks that the impeachment case against our President is rock solid, it now appears that the situation is no more than a feeble attempt to damage  President  Trumps chances in 2020. Claiming that they want the Senate Trial to be fair, they neglect to mention that in the House Impeachment process, the rights guaranteed by the 6th Amendment denied our President his rights of due process.

Unfortunately, that, too, is moving in the President’s direction in the polls. The American people, contrary to what the progressive socialist Democrats think, are not stupid and see through this farce. Following the dictates of Professor Tribe, for some reason, the leftists have decided to hold the impeachment articles like a sword over President Trump’s head. Tribe stated, “It’s up to the House when and how to prosecute its case in the Senate. Perhaps he is correct in how to pursue the case as far as the actions of the impeachment managers, but once again, the Senate impeachment rules are the “sole” power of the Senate.

The progressive socialists are attempting to convince the American public that it is as “Obstruction of Congress,” an entirely made up impeachment criteria. Leftists are betting the American people do not know that. They want the American people to ignore the claim of Executive privilege. The demands that the progressive socialists have made for information and testimonies should be resolved within the judiciary, but it was pencil neck Schiff and his lackeys who wanted to circumvent the rule of law and then use the impeachment process instead of the steps already laid out in the Constitution and the rules that are agreed to by most sane people.

The procedure has been long in the planning stage. While San Fran Nan holds up sending the articles of impeachment, the Lawfare group will continue to fight against the President’s Executive Privilege while the progressive socialists and the Lame Stream media continue to screech that the President has been impeached.  Even Pelosi has admitted that this ruse has been going on for two and a half years. At the Politico Women Rule Summit, she said, “I think we are not moving with speed. Was it two and a half years ago they initiated the Mueller investigation? It’s not about speed. It’s about urgency. If we did not hold him accountable, he would continue to undermine our elections. (Once again, depending on the Mueller Russia Hoax lies.) Nothing less is at stake than the central part of our democracy.” Since the start of President Trump’s term as President, the common refrain from the Progressive socialist and the sycophants that hang on every word blare to all far and wide that the Steele Dossier had not been proven false, that Ukraine was just bullied by President Trump. In all these circumstances and many more, that have demanded that President Trump prove that he is innocent. They don’t understand that we do not have show trials here, and the Constitution demands a person be proven guilty. As they constantly evoke, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, including those who have been planning the downfall of a President on trumped-up charges, lies, and innuendos. They will have those words repeated to them as that walk off to jail. They will soon learn what those words mean and will have to choke down all the moral preening they have used to make them feel morally superior.

Throughout the investigation, we heard how the rule of democracy must be fought for, and kept out of the hands of conservatives like President Trump.  And how much our National Security has been damaged. Over and over we were told no one is above the law, not even the President. But the impeachment articles as written show no corruption, no criminal intent, and no law broken. There is not one witness than can explain how the President has compromised the national security of the United States or requested interference in the 2020 election. The discussion of abuse of power is so poorly written that every President from Washington to Trump would have been open to impeachment. Of course, the progressive socialists respond through people like the sleazy Adam Schiff, that no law needs to be broken for a President to be impeached.

Now the debacle moves to the Senate. Article 1 Section 3 gives the Senate the “sole” power to try all impeachments. It does not say that the House will set the rules, but that is what Chuckie Schumer is attempting to do. By demanding “fairness” in the Senate trial, the progressive socialists do nothing more than highlight the unfair processes that were used in the House. By using only witnesses that had been handpicked by the progressive socialist Democrats and not allowing answers to many of the Republican questions to these handpicked sycophants, it shows the rampant unfairness of the House.

They want the Senate in the words of Sen. McConnell to do the work the House was too lazy, or in the case of Rep. Schiff and Nadler, too corrupt to use the rules and precedents within our Constitution to make the case. Pencil neck Schiff and all the other talking heads clutched their pearls, and in the best theatrical voices, they could muster declared that the impeachment was such an urgent matter that it could not wait for silly things like facts. Sen. McConnell wanted to use the same procedures implemented in the Clinton impeachment and agreed to by 100% of the Senate, Including Chuckie Schumer and Joe Biden.

This is the indefensible position San Fran Nan finds herself in. How can she decide rules for the Senate with no authority without upturning all precedent set before by the laws written within the Constitution? By delaying the transfer of the impeachment articles to the Senate, especially in a case that the American people were told was urgent because of President Trump trying to steal the next election, Speaker Pelosi is guilty of obstruction of Justice for her attempt to subvert and undermine the Constitution.

They told us that it could not wait because he was planning to corrupt another election. All this was proven a lie, as corrupt and as deceitful as the Mueller investigation that cost over $33 million and two years that could have been used to help the country. It is almost like they are saying, “OK, we got the Russia thing wrong, and yes, we lied about it. But trust us this time.”

The Constitution formally sets out a two-step process for impeachment. A house impeachment investigation must be sent to the Senate for a trial. Until the articles of impeachment are sent to the Senate for a formal trial, there is no impeachment. If it is not sent to the Senate, an option for Sen. McConnell is to request the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to set a date and convene the Senate to start the trial, even if the articles of impeachment are never sent.


It is time to end this charade.

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John is a retired military veteran who writes conservative views. Now retired from working fir an internationaly company, he spends his time doing research and writing columns for various conservative websites.

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