The Fall of the American Empire.

In 1776 a new concept fell across the world, a government of the People, by the People, for the People.

A new concept of government and freedom lit fires across the world leading to revolutions across the Globe as people clamored for self reliance, freedom from Kings Dictators, and Foreign influence. America inspired revolution in France, Haiti, Ireland, Serbia, Latin American Colonies, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and the list goes on.

America grew in power to become a great empire with influence around the world. Direct and indirect power in many independent countries. Influence that came from mutual agreements and fear of a superior power. America became the arbiter of “Good Government” through superior firepower. Do it our way or else, a modern day Pax Romana.

In many ways America became the modern Roman Empire. With both it’s good points and bad. America like Rome has faults that could lead to it’s own destruction. So why did Rome fall? And what does that have to do with Modern America?

Some believe that the Barbarian Hordes fell upon on Rome destroying it, burning the city and looting it; but the Barbarian hides could never have gotten close to the city with out something else failing first.

So let’s look at Rome, it’s fall and correlations to America.

  1. Political Partisanship and public civility.

America and Rome were both set up as Republics, with respect for democracy of the ‘Citizens”. Rome as well as America had political factions, a problem recognized by founders of America and addressed in both the Federalists papers and the Anti-federalists. (a two Party set up before the Constitution was even signed.) Problems of tyranny by the minority or the majority, were also concerns for the founders.

To offset this problem the House of Representatives was made to Represent the needs of the People and the Power of the Purse was given to them for primary control.

To represent the independent States, we set up a Senate to represent the States interests, They were given oversight of international relations and approval of Federal government positions, Ambassadors, Cabinet officials and Judges for example.

Rome fell in to wars of Government factions, literally killing each other on the streets of Rome and the Halls of Government. The opposing side was not just wrong in their ideas but they were thought to be Evil Corrupt Demons that needed to be destroyed.

Sound familiar? A contender for the high office of Americas President calling half the nation “a basket of deplorable”? How about the “Cancel Culture” you must conform to group ideological thought or you will be doxed, and destroyed, not just silenced but outright destroyed. Loss of job, friends, family and reputation. The Purity Police are watching you.

Rational debate is no longer permitted. If you disagree you are “willfully ignorant”. There is no justification for dissenting opinion or honest opinion. Editors are being fired for allowing dissenting opinion to be printed, talkshow hosts are refusing to allow the opposition to present their ideas on television. The Science is settled is the worst Scientific idea of all ages. Yet only that is allowed.

Civil discourse is no longer Civil.

     2.Loss of Traditional Values.

In Rome the increase of Christian Values replaced the Roman Religion and Value system. In America we see Citizens not only protesting American Values but destroying public property that does not meet their standards of “thought purity”. The National anthem and the flag are seen as symbols of hate and oppression and defiled as such. Values of self-reliance, self-respect, respect for law and order, hard work and ethics are seen as a “White Construct” to enslave minorities.

Migrants that had little respect for Roman customs and traditions were allowed in to avoid the barbarian Huns that chased the Visigoths from their homelands. When the final battles of Rome were fought they found that they had allowed the enemy inside their own gates as “Political Refugees”. Refugees that had little reason to defend America.

I do not believe that all traditional values are sacrosanct for all times, but change should come with thought and understanding. What are we changing and why?

Destruction of national monuments and public property is never justified, while they may represent the values of the past that no longer apply. We again should be careful of what we are doing. Germany never tore down the Concentration camps where so many Jewish people were tortured and killed, they are left as a reminder of the terrible past that the people had to endure. I have stood in Dachau, seen the ovens, I felt the pain and suffering of the people who died their. I saw Jews with tattooed arms showing their Grandchildren the place they were in prisoned. A monument to pain and suffering and a reminder of NEVER AGAIN.

We destroy and ignore history at our own peril.

     3.Economic troubles and over reliance on slave labor.

Constant wars, crumbling infrastructures, bread and circuses for the entertainment of the masses, caused oppressive taxation and high rates of inflation that widened the gap between the rich and poor. The rich fled to outside areas to avoid tax rates, and we continue to rely on illegal aliens to provide a workforce for our fields and factories. The Romans used slaves and there is little difference between the illegal migrant workers and slaves, neither has any reason to support the State.

     4.Government corruption and political instability.

The Pretorian guard set up a deep state control of the government to control the Emperor. His safety and power depended on the priorities of the deep state who often murdered the current emperor to replace him with someone more amendable to their control. The Emperor had to tread carefully to avoid irritating the deep state controllers.

Elected officials, stole from the public Treasury, sold influence, and access to power. Enriching themselves at the expense of the good of the State.

The political rot of  the Roman Senate, and our Congress, which failed to temper the excesses of the emperors due to their own widespread corruption and incompetence. As the situation worsened, civic pride waned and many Roman citizens lost trust in their leadership.

Loss of trust in the government by the people is the real danger to our society. When the people fear the Government there is Tyranny. When the Government fears the People there is Freedom.

There are ways we can turn back the path we are on, and I do not blame one side for all the troubles. There are fine people on both sides; and the corollary too that is there are some bad people on both sides also.

We must find common ground to unite us as Americans and as Americans first. In politics if we put anything else before American we are part of the problem. Let's find the common ground and increase that instead of increasing our differences.

God Bless.

Just my thoughts for today.


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David Silvas
Grandfather, Retired Army 1SG, former broadcast engineer, Student of History and Life. Graduate of the School of Commons- Manners and Sense.

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  • Here is a patriot response to this maddness!

    • While I do not advocate for violance, but it is already in our streets. Patriots will defend their homes from the looters and rioters. I saw Watts in the riots back in 1965. It was not a good time. The Liberals want to defend rioters and attack the police, then they want us to give up our guns? Their program is backwards. Even the Nazis knew to take away the guns first then put them on the trains, rioting does not encourage anyone to give up their self defense. The Vikings knew you Looted then burned. 

      Silly liberals can't get anything in the right order.

      • Oh, you made me laugh... Yahoo! I knew it was in my blood! I am a Viking!! Scandanavian- Danish from Royalty no less and My Norwegian Dad always said we were descendants of famous Vikings!

  • Never let a good crises go to waste. Even if you have to create one.

    The Bad people want strife, fear and problems. Even if they have to create it. There is no "Good News" because there are people who don't want it known.

    May God Bless and Protect our Nation.

  • David, Once again your article hit the nail on the head. A fantastic article- perfect to kick off the new site!

    I can remember after 9/11 there was 9/12  -the Day America United!    When is our 9/12?- - when will Americans come to the Aid of their Country?

    I only wish Patriotism, love, kindness all things good- was a Virus...

This reply was deleted.


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