The Coronation of Chairman Joe.

There is currently approximately 4,500 US Soldiers in Afghanistan protecting the whole nation. There are approximately 5,000 in Iraq.


Chairman Joe Needs 25,000 National guard troops to protect him on Coronation day. Plus an additional 300 Policemen from forces around the nation to supplement the Federal Police in DC.


Military Concertina wire is going up by the miles to control the people, the Mayor of DC has told people to stay home, the National Mall is closed until the day after the Coronation to limit the Crowd size. (As no one will show up anyway why bother?)


“Fences don’t work” - several Democrat Politicians.


Then why are we putting up fences in DC to control the people? If it works in DC why not on the Border?


A local pizza shop is catering the Ceremony with two large Pizzas and the leftovers will be going to a local homeless shelter.


As the Government prepares to coronate Beloved Leader Chairman Joe, People are being warned and threatened to stay away. Just like in Venezuela, Cuba, and other Social Democratic Nations.


BLM, AntiFa, Proud Boys, Black Panthers and a host of other groups all distrust the incoming Government. They also distrust each other. Do not believe that the Black Panthers and BLM could not start fighting with each other, or that the Proud Boys are on the same side as the Michigan Militia. All these Groups do not break down as Conservative and Liberal. 


The Enemy of my enemy is not my friend.


Serial liar Eric Swalwell: I Have Been Briefed On Plots Where "The President's Terrorists" Want To Attack The Capitol Again


Setting aside his hateful rhetoric “The Presidents Terrorists”, and reading his inane comments about his “Briefings” It sounds like he gets most of his “Intelligence’ from the back part of his briefs. (And he does not wear boxers; you can ask Barbara, probably Victorias Secrets.)


Racist Jim Clyburn: We Need A Mechanism To Know What Domestic Terrorists Are Thinking Before They Act Upon It. 




Richard Nixon was removed from office for spying on American Citizens. James Clyburn the Staunch defender of Civil Rights, now wants to return to the Federal government to return to spying on Americans. It’s for National Security. But not just any Spying but a real “Thought Police”, to punish those with improper thoughts before they commit a crime.


Do you believe for one second that this will apply only to “Right Wing Extremists”? Or even to “Extremists” only?


I tend to believe people when they say that hate me. I find it is the safest way to treat them. So when Democrats say the want to “reducate the Republicans”, “Put them all in Gulags”, “they need to be exterminated”, I believe their statements of intent. They are not peaceful, they are not tolerant, nor are they my friend with my best interests at heart.


Only the Party faithful will be exempt, or so they will be told.


I am totally amazed that the “Tolerant” left, who continually claimed Donald Trump would use the Military to stay in office now needs to use the Military to put Chairman Joe in Office. Something is strange in Wonderland.


A true Benevolent Dictator Like Chairman Joe, should be able to trust the People of a nation that loves him so much. Much as John Kennedy did.


John Kennedy refused to have a Bullet proof cover on his car because he felt it cut him off from the people. 


Bobby Kennedy refused a Bullet proof Jacket because it set him apart from the average Citizen. 


Lady Killer Ted Kennedy, just drank himself into oblivion and became a worthless waste, so maybe Chairman Joe has nothing to fear.


I am glad that Chairman Joe is such a beloved leader that he needs more protection than the President of Iraq, otherwise we could have trouble in the streets from “mostly peaceful protestors”.


He is so loved by foreign leaders is such that peace should break out around the world. Iran is working on Nuclear weapons, China is set to invade Hong Kong, maybe even South Korea, Russia is probably moving troops back in to the Crimea again. His old friends from ISIS are once again gathering in Syria. 


Will there be riots in the streets of America? Will WW3 start soon? Are we headed for a world like the “Hunger Games”, “the Hunt” or a “Brave New World”?


I do not know, I do know that the liberals want to recreate America in their own hateful image. A land of Privileged few, leading the poor lost peasants on the path to “enlightenment.


May God Bless and Protect our Nation.


Just my thoughts for today.

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David Silvas
Grandfather, Retired Army 1SG, former broadcast engineer, Student of History and Life. Graduate of the School of Commons- Manners and Sense.

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