Texting, Ebonics and Education.

When my first Granddaughter was born, I bought an oversized, overstuffed lazy-boy recliner Grandpa chair. I would lay back, put her in the chair with me and read to her. We read The Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers, Midsummer’s Night Dream, Best Loved Poetry of the American People, and many other great classics. When someone asked why I did not read children’s books to her, because she could not understand such adult books; I replied that she did not understand Winnie the Pooh either. When my granddaughters got older I would read Uncle Remus and Uncle Wiggily Longears stories to them. For those who do not know Uncle Wiggily Longears is a Yankey version of Uncle Remus. Then they read Dr. Suess to me.

Today they all love to read good books Jane Austen and Laura Ingalls Wilder are some of their favorite authors. Reading poetry, Theater and Opera, They all speak at least two languages the youngest two English and Korean, the oldest English, Spanish, and German. They love art and know the difference between the impressionists and abstract art, pop art and realism or surrealism. They are a delight to talk to; while they have a Childs perspective of the world they can communicate their ideas well.

Now we come to the main point of this discussion. Texting, Ebonics and Education.


Don diss me man me an my peeps be cummin down on you and pop a cap...

This is the type of writing that teachers are seeing in schools today. Including on English tests and school papers. When they complain and correct the students the parents yell at the teacher that it is a cultural thing and you just need to get with it. Kids in the 6th grade can not read text books because there are too many letters in the words, and no pictures in the books. Tests including math are being graded on effort rather than correctness. Students get extra credit for showing up to class. If a student misses no days of school he will pass with a D if he does no school work.

And where are the parents? Working two jobs to pay for their BMW and designer clothes. I remember a news story about a high school student shot by another for his “AIR JORDAN” Shoes. I remember the reason that many schools wanted to go to uniforms. I remember the stories of mothers endangering their children by driving drunk. A Mother, who put her children in a car and pushed it into a lake, then reported it stolen. I hear the people talk about the “Convenience” of an abortion so they will not be bothered by children.

Children are work, they require a lot of patience and effort. They require a lot of time and money. They cause heartache and worry, sorrow and pain.

But they give back love.

If you love them they will love you, they are worth all that we go through to raise them and the sacrifices that we make for them. If we show that education is important they will learn. There are no stupid kids, just undisciplined ones. Learning and education require discipline and effort on their part. Discipline requires time and effort on our part. How we live shows what is important to us and they will learn to make important in their lives. Let us do them a great favor and make our children important in our lives.

May God Bless you and your families,

Just my thoughts for today

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David Silvas
Grandfather, Retired Army 1SG, former broadcast engineer, Student of History and Life. Graduate of the School of Commons- Manners and Sense.

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  • I completely agree.
    I placed a help wanted ad on Craig's list a few weeks ago, and I got about 100 resume's within a couple of hours. (Nice economy, eh?). This was not a minimum wage position.
    We went though and picked out the best 10. Of these 10, only 2 were without spelling errors. If you can't figure out how to spell something for a resume, there really isn't much hope for you. It not only show's a lack of literacy and a lack of pride in yourself, but also a lack of respect for a prospective employer. Would you show up for an interview in a bathing suit? If people can't be bothered to check a document as important to their future as a resume', I don't trust them to care for the material my customers order.
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