Stupid in America

This is an oldie-but-goodie from John Stossel from back in his ABC days (before anyone who wasn't an out-and-out Leftist was forced into Fox News).

It's a great introduction to the problems in our educational system, and is required viewing for anyone who has children in public education.

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  • As parents we gave up on our kids long ago and decided we had better things to do than raise them. Years ago when employed in school position i saw parents skip school meetings because they had another appointment or did not care. Teacher sent home letters and parents never respond. Called the parents and they would not address the problems of their children. Many teachers are flustrated and have no support to back them,other say if parents dont care why should we. I was raised the old way and we had better learn or else. We are in trouble as the kids coming out of college will be running things the way they were taught. Ultimate blame has too fall on parents.
  • Tenure was created to protect academic freedom in universities (allowing professors to do controversial research without threat of losing their job). However, in the Progressive's view of "fairness", tenure was extended to ALL teachers. Why a Kindergarten teacher needs her academic freedom protected is beyond me.

    The solution? Abolish government funded education entirely. Public education and state-funded colleges should be done away with. There would be no need for tenure then because the government would no longer control the school's budget.

    Freedom and responsibility are always the answer.
  • I have been in a position to hire and fire in a corporate environment, and trust me, you would not want to perform the interviews on most of today's crop of applicants for graduate positions. I gave up and hired expensive headhunters, let them suffer instead.
    Yes, God help us all.
  • I can believe this!! Even though I have been out of school for almost 35 years, I have seen these very problems in my county. Students graduating that can't read or write, not to mention not knowing basic math. I'm not putting down these people, I was one of them my self!! I quit school and got my GED seven years later. It's the quality of teachers that make the difference, not the quantity!! They get tenure and it don't make any difference how bad the teacher is, they got the job, that is all that matters!!

    Tenure should abolished!! Teachers should get a grade just like a student, and their jobs should not be any different than anyone else!! If they don't do their job, they should be fired just like any other employee. I believe this would provide a reason to do a better job and weed out bad employees, just as it does with any other place of employment. If a teacher is doing what they are supposed to be doing, they would not have anything to be concerned about!!

    Anytime a job offers the opportunity of being "untouchable" it creates a problem that will only get worse!! Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely!! Placing our children in an environment like this, problems are sure to follow.
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